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Netflix has indeed taken the world by storm. It entered the Australian market in 2015 and has since created waves of exciting entertainment for its adult population. Netflix is indeed one of Australia's top on-demand videos of the country.

The most significant streaming service in the world began its humble business as a DVD delivery service. It's marketing platform even caught the attention of Amazon's main man Jeff Bezos. It was globally introduced and launched in January 2016 and became the world's most extensive entertainment provider and media giants in the world.

Netflix in Australia

Netflix currently has partnerships with Dreamworks and is consistently rolling out high-quality movies, television series, and original content in its content roster. The brand provides its subscribers a consistent stream of quality originals and is one of the pioneers of innovative streaming technologies in the market.

The streaming service is also currently the top player in the online streaming industry in Australia. It was launched in Australia with a free 3-day trial, which was later removed in March 2020. Despite the lack of a free trial period, the contract-free subscription service still holds over 11.9 million subscribers, followed by Foxtel with 5.2 million and Stan with 3.3 million subscribers.

Netflix subscription starts at $9.99/month for the single standard-definition stream. It is free to cancel anytime, and subscriptions are automatically charged monthly. There are three plans available in Netflix Australia - Basic, Standard, and Premium.

What are the Best Internet Providers for Netflix

Netflix is accessible in almost every mobile device, streaming device service, and smart televisions. On top of a subscription, you need to have internet access to enjoy watching content from the platform. In this article, CompareBroadband gives you insight into the top telcos, which is suited for your Netflix streaming needs.


Telstra is currently the operator and owner of the largest cable internet network in the country. The broadband service operates in the main areas and cities of the country - Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney, to name a few. Netflix provides speeds of up to 30Mbit/s in these selected areas.

There are currently 23 plan options available for subscribers in Australia. Fixed broadband plans start at $75/month with contract terms and no contract terms available. An unlimited data plan starts at $90/month, with a minimum of $2,160 for 24 months. Unlimited calls to local, national, and Australian mobile numbers are also included in the subscription plan.

NBN Telstra plans range from $75/month to $110/month. NBN Basic II offers speeds of up to 20Mbps with a 500GB data allowance a month for $75. Unlimited data capacity starts at $90/month with speeds of up to 44Mbps under Telstra's broadband plan services. Premium speeds of 88Mbps are available via the NBN Fast plan with unlimited data, accessible via FTTP and HFC connections online. A modem is included for new customers with a lock-in period of 24 months. It is swift even with numerous people connected to the internet at once, available at $110/month.

Telstra broadband connection can be enjoyed with ADSL2+, Cable, Mobile Broadband, and NBN Fixed Line connections. Telstra NBN offers two-speed tiers, Standard Evening Speed (NBN 25) and Standard Plus Evening Speed (NBN 50).


Optus is the second largest telecommunication player in Australia, next to Telstra. It is the preferred broadband connection service for Netflix, ranking on the top spot. A total of 1 million subscibers enjoys Optus as their choice of internet service provider in Australia. Optus currently features 5G coverage in 10 cities and towns across the country. Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Hobart, Launceston, Melbourne, Pertn, Sydney, and Toowoomba currently enjoy fast and reliable internet service via the 5G service.

The award winning broadband service was named as the Best Home Wireless Provider of 2020 and Best Mobile Broadband Provider High Use for 2019 and 2020. Optus was also named as the Best Mobile Broadband Provider in 2018.

Optus is owned by Singapore Telecommunications Limited and started in Australia in November 1991. It was also the same year when Optus was granted its carrier licence. There are currently 16 Optus broadband plans available in Australia. Broadband fixed plans start at $75/month with unlimited data plans, through cable connection. Premium services that feature up to 80Mbps starts at $110/month that also includes speed packs, Optus Sport, Fetch Mighty set-top box and a free Optus Wifi Modem locked for 36 months.

Optus Internet Everyday -NBN standard plan starts at $75/month, with $99 upfront payments and speeds of up to 44Mbp. All four NBN plans under Optus offer unlimited data capacities with speeds of up to 80Mbps available at the Optus Internet Everyday - NBN Fast Plan and the Optus Internet Entertainer - NBN Fast plan starting at $95/month and $110/month respectively.

Fetch TV is a bundle that can be enjoyed together with the Optus Broadband plan. It features additional premium pack channels such as Disney, Cartoon Networkd, National Geogpraphic, CNN, CNBC, E!, Universal Channel, 13th Street and BBC UKTV to name a few.

Optus broadband connections are available via ADSL2+, Cable, Home Wireless, Mobile Broadband and NBN Fixed Line connections. Entertainment bundles is considered to be the biggest selling point that Optus offers to its market in Australia.

Aussie Broadband

Aussie Broadband is one of the leasing NBN Internet providers in the country. It is a local telecommunications company that provides mobile, internet, and telephone services in the country. The company is based in Morwell, Victoria, with offices in Darwin, Lynbrook, Warnambool, and remote staff in different cities and suburbs in Australia.

The Australian-owned and operated company has a solid, reputable reputation in the internet service provider industry and has been around the market since 2008 featuring mobile broadband and NBN plans to its consumers.

Aussie Broadband offers five internet service plans, featuring unlimited data per month. Monthly fees start at $59 a month with $0 set-up fees. Premium plans start at $79/month with speeds of up to 43Mbps.

All plans are available with a 1-month contract plan starting with the Basic Plan, and Basic BYO plans are available at $59/month. Everyday Standard Plus and Everyday BYO plan features up to 43Mbps speed at $79/month. Premium plans start at $99/month with typical evening speeds of up to 86Mbps with no set-up fees, available at NBN tier 100/20. A $149 optional modem is also available for subscribers.

Aussie Broadband NBN broadband-only plans start at $70/month with a standard plus speed of up to 50Mbps with 100GB and 500GB options. Unlimited plans start at $79/month with speeds of up to 50Mbps. Premium speeds of 75Mbps are available at NBN 500GB Build Your Own NBN Aussie Broadband Plan and NBN Unlimited Family NBN Aussie Broadband Plan. NBN 100GB Build Your Own NBN Aussie Broadband Plan with premium speeds of up to 100Mbps, the broadband-only plan is available at $90/month available via month to month subscription.

Netflix users would enjoy the convenience of fast internet service, even with multiple internet users via the unlimited data plans offered by Aussie Broadband. Family packs are also available with up to 86Mbps speed for $89/month.


iiNet Limited is the Australian internet service provider acquired by TPG Telecom back in September 2015. The brand partnered with Netflix with Fetch+ bringing the best movies and channels to its subscribers.

There are currently 65 iiNet plan options available in Australia starting at $39.99/month for the first 12 months. Ultra-Broadband Max features high-speed alternatives to the NBN with speeds of up to 200Mbps with unlimited data capacity. Upfront fees of $69.99 are available with a minimum cost of $109.98 for the first month. The plan includes local and standard national calls, available in selected areas.

NBN Satellite 150 Basic features basic speeds with 150GB data included at $39.99/month. Unlimited data plans start at $69.99/month with speeds of up to 21.3Mbps via the NBN25 Limitless plan available in no contract and 6-months contract terms.

iiNet also features NBN wireless with unlimited data starting at $69.99/month. Premium speeds of up to 47Mbps are available via the Business NBN0 Essential Business Plan with a static IP address with a maximum of 300GB data allowance. Minimum costs start at $149.94 for the first month, with $79.95 upfront fees and a monthly subscription fee of $69.99/month.

You can connect to the internet via iiNet with ADSL2+. Cable, Fibre, Naked DSL, NBN Fixed Line, NBN Fixed Wireless, NBN Satellite, and VDSL depending on the location. Monthly subscription starts at $39.99/month to $119.99/month. A Fetch TV Premium Bundle includes a set-top box with 30 free movies every month and access to services such as Netflix and Stan.

Netflix streaming can be one of the most data-intensive entertainment available online. Your monthly data consumption, including both your streaming and other online data consumption should be considered before choosing the right internet service plan for you.

To fully enjoy Netflix, its content and high-quality videos, a premium internet service bundle, with unlimited data capacity would be your best bet. Enjoy watching 4K high-definition movies, fast anytime of the day with the premium bundle plans available from the top providers mentioned above. Binge endlessly without hurting your budget by choosing the best plans for Netflix Streaming available in the market.