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Browsing the library of streaming services for movie titles could sure be drowning and confusing sometimes. You might find yourself lost in the midst of choosing which movie to watch specially on Foxtel Now! Of course, you would not want to just pick any title only to be disappointed later on because it is not the cup of tea you were looking for. We, at Compare Broadband, understand just exactly what you feel. That is why we have made this guide for you. We have listed the must-watch movie titles in Foxtel Now to serve as your catalogue. 

Thor: Ragnarok

Based on Norse Mythology, Thor is the god of lightning, storm, and strength. Thor: Ragnarok focuses on the conquest of Thor to prevent Hela, her sister, from destroying their home world Asgard. However, Thor’s struggle begins with his battle against his hero friend Hulk. The mystic and heroic ambiance of the movie is always present in every frame. 

The movie, just like its sequels and prequels, is an action-packed mystical adventure that would put you in a roller coaster adventure! The action scenes are sprinkled with perfectly timed punch lines and unexpected hilarious moments. Not to mention the award-winning visual effects and perfectly timed musical effects and scorings. 


The story deals with the unfortunate encounter of 7 children with the ancient shape-shifting demon in the appearance of a clown. The demon only appears every after 27 years. It resurfaces on sewers to torment children before devouring a metaphysical part of them. The gang of teens needs to band together and face their own fears in order to battle and win against the merciless demon clown. 

The mental torture and psychological distress that Pennywise, the demon on the story, causes to children would give you a chill on the spine that is different from other bloody and gore horror movies. Be sure not to watch It when you are alone! The demon clown feeds on fear. 

Baby Driver

If you are a fan of smooth car chase scenes with a few yet thrilling dancing bullets, this is the movie title you are looking for. Well, although the title should not be literally interpreted somehow, who would disagree that Ansel Elgort fits the word baby, right? Nonetheless, the title is Baby Driver because the name of the main character, which is played by Ansel Elgort, is Baby. He is a driver of a gang doing illegal stuff. 

The shot frames are mostly action packed car-chase with gun-shots. On top of all, the character indulges with music as he drives which makes the scenes look like a thrilling music video. Smooth and thrilling! You won’t get bored in any part of the movie. 

The Grand Budapest Hotel 

You will find yourself hooked with the comedic and dramatic scenes of this movie. The comedy-drama is about Gustave who presides over the famous European ski resort, The Grand Budapest Hotel. He prides himself in providing the best hotel service where most of the time, includes sexual satisfaction of elderly rich women. The twist comes out when one of Gustave’s old lovers dies and he receives a valued painting along the suspicion for murder. 

The cleverly outlined narrative does not give a spot for dead airs. The visuals go very well with the scenes’ emotion and theme. The movie is hilarious while giving off a pinch of drama every time it suits. 

La La Land

Music and love! The perfectly timed music and on-spot lines will make you want to fall in love over and over again. Starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, the movie could be one of the nicest romances we could watch. The songs in the story will surely linger on your head for a long time along with the nostalgic and sweet emotions evoked in the movie. This is the perfect movie for a date! You will surely see the starry sky of LA in your eyes after watching it!


A group  of misfits gang together to drive across America amidst the zombie apocalypse. With Jesse Eissenberg, Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin as the last survivor, the entire adventure is a hell of hilarious moments!

Of course, smashing zombie heads, bursting the undead’s brain with gunshots, fiery nights, and the zombie chase will always be present. However, unlike other zombie apocalypse, the atmosphere the gang has set amidst the situation is something you would want to experience too! Funny moments aside, the movie also gives off useful tips which could be used if ever (be careful what you wish for) a zombie invasion arises. 

Pan’s Labyrinth

Don’t be fooled with the title! Although it sounds like the Alice in Wonderland type of movie, the content actually contains eerie and terrifying scenes. Set in the post-civil war era, Ofelia, who is 11 years old that time, is forced to live with her mother and her abusive father. After her encounter with a faun, a magical creature, she is drawn to the Pan’s Labyrinth which is a gateway to a magical world. She is then tasked to complete three dangerous tasks to have the title of Princess of the Magical Otherworld. The mystic and enticing adventures of Ofelia will surely hook the magic and adventure lovers. 


The allied troops are trapped in the Dunkirk beach which is very dangerous as they were exposed. The story shows the struggles of the 400,000 soldiers trapped in the shoreline while being exposed and surrounded by enemy troops. The tension increases as time goes by and evacuation becomes harder. The sound effects of the movie are bloody realistic which would surely give you a crawling chill on your spine. The tragic and psychological distress caused by war is realistically depicted in the film. The message of the movie is also powerful which will surely loudly resonate in your head. 


The supposedly children horror story of Neil Gaiman somehow manages to give the creepy feeling to adults, also. The animated movie is about a girl named Caroline. One day, she discovers a door leading to a parallel world where everything seems to be better. The parallel world perfectly matches her real world. It’s just that in the alternate world, everything is better. All went fine but not until the family she has in the alternate world is trying to stop her from returning to the real world. Caroline needs to do everything she can to return to the real world or else, she would never be able to. The story could be watched by children since it is really a children story. It also highlights the importance of family, obedience, and gratitude which are good lessons for kids. Nonetheless, the story provides an eerie and uncomfortable atmosphere. 


Jumanji is a thrilling adventure movie. It is the story of four teenagers who came across a game called jumanji. The four teens were sucked inside the game only to find out that it is not just a simple game--but an adventure for survival. In order for them to beat the game and return to the real world, they need to finish several dangerous tasks first. Along the story, the teens on the body of the adult avatar they have chosen will face and experience maturity as they encounter difficult decisions. 

The movie is exhilarating and thrilling! There are breath-taking scenes with a pinch of perfectly timed dramas. The Rock surely fits the role of a leader added to the outstanding acting of Karen Gillan, Jack Black, Kevin Hart, and Nick Jonas. 

Joker (2019)

Realistic, disturbing, and emotionally heavy. The Joker movie which was released in 2019 is not for the weak-hearted as it puts a greater weight on one’s psychological and emotional aspect. The scenes, the lines, and the whole story itself could be as realistic as reality per se. Joker has been portrayed in the movie as humanly as it can be. 

The scenes mixed with societal toxic standards and the undeniable truth of the society is so distressing that would make you understand the actions of the main character, Joker. If you are brave enough to face the true disgusting appearance of the society, then this is a must-watch! See for yourself what caused Joker to be his current persona.

Pokémon Detective Pikachu

The all-time childhood favorite anime is now in an animated movie. As the detective Harry Goodman began missing mysteriously, his sin Tim set out to find him. Pikachu, which is the companion of Harry, then meets Tim and accompanies him with his search for his dad. Unknowingly, the search for detective Harry will soon unfold greater revelations and anomalies which pose a grave threat to all of the people and pokemons in the city. 

The fantastic animation put the pokemon that we love in a leveled up re-imagination. The story line is also unpredictable which would give you the “wow I haven’t thought of that” reaction as the secrets are revealed one by one. 

John Wick 

The retired legendary assassin John Wick is once again forced to return to his forgotten job because of unprecedented events. After her wife died, John was left in deep mourning. With the heavy feelings he has, John is like a time bomb waiting to be triggered. Unfortunately, somebody has pulled the last wire off when he stole John’s car and killed the dog which was his wife’s last gift. Full of rage, the mad assassin sets out to seek vengeance. 

The action-filled movie framed with amazingly choreographed fight scenes is a hooker for action-packed lovers. One thing's for sure after you watched the movie. You will never ever dare to mess with someone else's dog and you will never fight someone with a pencil. 


Starring Jason Momoa, Aquaman has perfectly toured us in the underwater kingdom! The visuals of this movie will surely not disappoint you. The fight scenes are perfectly set with frames that are beautifully shot. The casting ensembles together with each actor fitting the character they portray. Who would argue that Jason Momoa deserves to be hailed as king of the oceans? 

The classic hero story tells about the journey of a half Human and half Atlantian to claim his right for the throne and prevent a catastrophic battle between the human race and Atlantians. The casting and production value contributed well which highlighted the glamour and effort put into the movie. 

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