• Battlestar Galactica
  • The Boys
  • Good Omens

The competitive fighter in the industry of videos-on-demand, Amazon Prime Video, has a really wide range of contents offered in its library. Now if you find yourself lost in the midst of the gigantic pool of TV show titles in Amazon Prime Video, worry not anymore! Compare Broadband will be your guide in traversing the large library of Amazon Prime. Here is the list of the must-watch TV shows in Amazon Prime Video.

Battlestar Galactica

Set in a distant solar system, a group of human beings set sail on the space aboard a spaceship to seek for a new home after Cylons invaded their colony and wiped out almost the entire humanity. Out of billions of the total population, only 50,000 survived and are now on their way to the thirteenth colony, Earth, which will be their new home. Spinning along the plot are themes about politics, human psychology, and religion which pinches a different taste for each episode. 

The story is a sure hook for science fiction lovers! The award winning TV show was developed by Ronald D. Moore. Starring in the show are Edward James Olmos, Marrie McDonnell, Katee Sackhof, Jamie Bamber, James Callis, Tricia Helfer, and Grace Park. If you love sci-fi themed titles drizzled with a speck of social issues, Battlestar Galactica is good to go for you!

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

The 14-season sitcom is the laughing pill you need with a good dosage of societal flavor. The story revolves around a gang that owns a club named Paddy’s Pub; Mac, Dennis, Dee, Charlie, and Frank. Mac is an egoistic character that would never miss to bat an eye on injustices. Charlie is the lover boy of the gang while Dennis is the playboy. Dee holds the same prejudices of the gang. Lastly, Frank who ,after a divorce, decided to live without inhibition. 

The TV show is the typical sitcom that is full of comedic scenes as the gang struggles to live their lives while taking on socio-political issues. However, because of their narcissistic views and traditional views, things just seem to become more disastrous than ever. The show is a relatable sitcom that is hilariously and beautifully crafted. 

The Boys

What would you think would happen if the superheroes we believe in become corrupt and abusive? Well, no need to stress out your nerves on imagining the said possibility since The Boys has already plotted it for you. The Amazon Prime Video Original TV series shows a world where superheroes are controlled by a company. Instead of being the vehicle of justice, the superheroes are corrupted and abusive. To stop the abuse of power of superheroes, The Titular Boys was founded. It is a group of vigilantes which aims to keep the arrogant and abusive heroes under control. 

The movie is an eye opener for possibilities! It shows how power could be easily corrupted and abused. If you love imagining possibilities and answering what ifs, this could be the series you have been looking for. 

The Magicians

The childhood best friends Quentin and Julia tried to qualify for Brakebills College, which is a school dedicated to teaching magic. Lucky for Quentin for he passed, while Julia wasn’t able to enter the school. Seeking to grasp the magic she wants, Julia set her sail to start her own magical journey far from Quentin. As time went by, Quentin knew that the childhood fantasy he has always believed in was true and that it gravely poses danger to humanity. 

The TV show sprinkles a speck of magic dust to your imagination. If you are in love with Harry Potter and Narnia, this movie would give you the nostalgic vibe of the magical world. Nonetheless, more than the spells and magic, the series mirrors a part of the real society that we are in. 

Good Omens

Based on the best-selling novel by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, Good Omens is a must-watch TV series! Imagine an Angel and a Demon teaming up to stop Armageddon! Yes, the story is all about it.

Aziraphale is an angel who has been present since the dawn of creation and was tasked to guard the Garden of Eden. Crowly, on the other hand, is a demon who has also lived since the dawn of creation and was also the serpent who tricked Adam and Eve in eating the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  The two, after being used with life on Earth, have decided to team up and stop the prophesied end of the day. 

American Gods

The story revolves around the Gods who are alive and physically present on Earth. The source of their powers comes directly from the faith of their believers. However, as time goes by, the faith of their believers seem to be weakened. Having their powers slowly disappearing, the gods are now struggling to live on Earth as  they start to become mortals. With their gradual downfall, the new gods become more powerful--technology, globalisation, and media. Upon meeting, a war started to stir up between the old gods and the new gods. 

The twisted and strange story based from Neil Gaiman’s novel American Gods will surely give you a different taste when it comes to TV contents. If you are in love with mythology, this is the good choice for you. 

Sneaky Pete

The American Drama by David Shore and Bryan Cranston spins around the attempt of an ex-convict to live the life of his cellmate. Marius Josipovic, while inside the jail, tried to memorize and take notes of the stories and details of Pete Murphy’s life.  Marius will use the information once he is released from jail to assume a new life in the identity of  Pete in order for him to avoid his past life. After the day  of release, Marius planned to meet Pete’s grandparents to take advantage of them. 

Marius found the love and colours he has not experienced from his past family. However, just when everything seemed to be fine, the bits-by-bits revelation of his new-found family started to unfold threatening him to delve into situations which are similar to the ones he is trying to run from. The movie is addictive and will make you think of every possibility that could happen for each episode!

Mozart in Jungle

The perfect combination of music, love, and ambition! The truly enticing scenes of the comedic drama are set behind the scenes of the New York Symphony. The story focuses on the enraged and unyielding ambition of an oboist to gain the spotlight she has been waiting for. This TV show will surely make you realize that the scenes behind the curtains are as beautiful and interesting as the scenes on the front stage. 

The Terror

Based on the true story of the mysterious exploration and disappearance of Franklin’s crew, The Terror could actually give you the enthralling and thrilling experience you are looking for. The ambiance of the scenes gives off the chill like you are really on the arctic where they are.

The story revolves around a group of expeditioners who were tasked to survey the treacherous Northwest Passage only to find themselves trapped in the Arctic while being haunted by a vicious predator. The supposed expedition turned to be a chase for survival. The gothic thrilling horror adventure also evokes psychological dystopia as the members try to fight not only the monster but also themselves later on. 

The Expanse

Set 300 years in the future humanity has already conquered the solar system.  Since the colonization of the Solar system, three factions have been formed: Earthers which is led by the United Nations, the Martians, and the Belters. The Earthers are on the Earth while Martians, of course, are on Mars. The belters are the faction situated in the asteroid belt. The story will revolve around the journey of unearthing a mysterious conspiracy that poses a danger to the whole system. The united nation executive Chrisjen Avasarala, the police detective Josephus Miller, Ship officer James Holden, and his crew will try to debunk the conspiracy that threatens the very peace of the system. 

The science fiction TV show will surely tickle your minds as it hits the very foundation of social injustices that we have. We can view the factions that The Expanse has made as the social labels we have in the modern day. What a great way of viewing the real life issues sprinkled with the fictitious images and scenes, The CGI, the scenes, the acting, and the story all ensemble like a wondrous solar system. 

The Goldbergs

A warm and comfy TV show! You will surely fall in love with The Goldbergs as you relate it to your own life. The series shows the lovely daily life of the Goldbergs family. The 11 years old Adam Goldberg documents the daily activities and interactions of his family. He has recorded the good and the bad times. Plus, the hilarious moments of their lives. The now 30 years old Adam has decided to share the wonderful childhood memories to other people by turning them into an unforgettable sitcom. The cosy and warm feeling of family bond is overflowing in the TV show!

Carnival Row

The Carnival Row is a mythic and mystic filled show of an era where mythical creatures called “fae” were forced to abandon their homelands and live with human beings. It all happened when the great empires of man conquered the homelands of the fae. Now living together, human beings and faes are having a hard time, which stirs up tension on both sides. The mystical and mythical ambiance of Carnival Crow is unique while portraying the classic perspective brought about by two different worlds colliding on each other. 

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

The show is a great representation of women’s struggles and history. Set in the time where gender inequality is rampaging, the story revolves around a woman who is determined to make a name as a stand-up comedian. After being left by her husband for another woman, Midge decides to reassess her life. She discovered her talent for comedy stunts in her work at nightclubs.  Amidst the challenges and issues that might pull her down, Midge is determined to pursue her dreams. The story is filled with inspiration, relevance, determination, and dreams. The faults of the characters are humanly that makes the show more relatable. 

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