• Simple issues fixed by rebooting the Chromecast device
  • Wi-Fi connectivity issues
  • Chrome browser issues

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Anyone who has ever used a Google Chromecast knows just how much it improves your home entertainment system. It makes streaming so much easier and allows you to watch your favourite movies and television shows on your TV screen. No need to content yourself with the smaller screen on your phone, tablet, or laptop.

But just like any other electronic device, a Chromecast is not exempt from being bugged by simple problems. Whether it’s a connectivity issue or a problem with the device itself, it’s better to know how to fix the problem so you can get back to your TV marathons right away.



Simple issues fixed by rebooting the Chromecast device

With every electronic device, rebooting has somehow become the rule of thumb once you notice that it’s not working. But it’s not as simple as turning off the device and turning it back on again. That probably won’t do anything to help you fix the problem and does not actually count as rebooting.

What you should do is to turn off your Chromecast, unplug the device, wait for a good few minutes, and then plug it back in.

Once the restart is complete, you can try casting your device again. This usually solves the problem if it’s not serious and is more like a simple glitch in the system.

Restarting your smartphone, tablet, or computer

There are also instances when a user is not using the Chromecast for TV streaming. If you are using your smartphone, tablet, or computer for your streaming activities instead, then you should also try restarting or rebooting your device.

It’s the same process of turning off the device, unplugging it from a power source, waiting for a few minutes, and turning it back on again to reconnect the Chromecast. But if it’s still not working, something might be wrong with your connection.

Wi-Fi connectivity issues

If the good old rebooting or restarting did nothing to fix your Chromecast issue, it’s possible that the problem is with connectivity. This happens a lot to other devices, too, which means the culprit could be your router.

One thing to keep in mind is that you should not easily rule out a router problem just because another device is working fine while connected to it. To be sure, always try power cycling your router so you can eliminate potential problems with the device.

It only takes a few minutes and would just disconnect your other devices for a bit, so don’t hesitate in doing it just because nothing’s wrong with the router. To power cycle the device, all you need to do is unplug the router for a few minutes, then plug it back in. Once the connection is reestablished, check if your Chromecast is working.

If it still does not work, consider the placement of your Chromecast and television screen. It could be that the device is not getting enough Wi-Fi signal for streaming. This could be solved by moving either your television or the internet router or getting a Wi-Fi extender to boost your signal in other parts of the house.

You can also try connecting the HDMI extender in the box or separating your Chromecast from the TV. Or if you are using a Chromecast Ultra at home, you can connect an ethernet cable to the power outlet.

But if it does nothing to help your casting, then your problem might be due to poor internet connection. Start looking for other wifi plans and upgrade or switch to a better plan.

But for the meantime, you can try the next step that we recommend.

Chrome browser issues

For users who often cast from their computers, there is another possible reason as to why your Chromecast device is not working: your Chrome browser. Is it up-to-date and is your device compatible with the latest version of the browser? If the answer is no, your Chromecast may stop working or the cast button may not appear on some websites.

To update your Google Chrome browser, you just have to open the page on your laptop or computer and click the More (three dots) icon in the top right corner of your screen. Select Update Google Chrome and click Relaunch. If you have the latest version, though, the update button will not appear and it means your Chromecast problem is not caused by your browser.

How to reset Chromecast  

If you’ve tried all the different fixes we’ve recommended above and you are still unable to operate your Chromecast device properly, then it might be best to restore its factory settings. What will happen, however, is that you will be required to set up your device again from the very beginning. 

Warning: A factory reset will clear your data and can't be undone.

  • To perform a factory reset from the Chromecast device, remember to keep your Chromecast plugged in.
  • Long press the button on the back of the device for about 25 seconds or more.
  • This should make your TV screen go blank and that’s how you know the reset process has started.
  • Release the button and wait for the device to restart.

Once the reset is complete, you can try setting up your Chromecast again. If you’re fine with it, try using a different device this time around. Doing so will tell you if the problem is really with the Chromecast or the device that you were previously casting from. The setup process is similar regardless of the device used, anyway.

Chromecast device blackout

Another common problem you may encounter with a Chromecast device is a blackout or frequent turning off.  If this happens to your device, the issue might be related to the power supply.

As you may already know, a Chromecast device is powered by a USB cable. When the USB cable is plugged into the TV, there could be power issues in the long run, since it causes the device to reboot every time the TV is turned off.

An easy fix would be to connect your USB cable into the wall charger instead. An old phone charger or a third-party charger can also do the trick.