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Tired of watching fantasies, reality TV shows, and science fiction? Or are you not yet ready to watch heart-throbbing horror films? Then, fall in love for a while with these Netflix romantic movies that Compare Broadband has listed for you. 

No matter how cheesy it sounds, falling in love could be one of the best feelings we could experience. No worry though if you haven’t found your soulmate yet. With the list we have created for you, you will surely be reminded how crazy it is to be in love. Here are the must watch romantic comedy films in Netflix Australia

What’s inside?

  • To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before
  • Always Be My Maybe
  • The Half of It
  • Notting Hill
  • Practical Magic
  • What If?
  • The First Daughter
  • Your Name/Kimi No Nawa
  • Set It Up

To All The Boys I've Loved Before

This sweetfully produced romantic comedy film has captured the hearts of everyone. It is a story of a girl named Lara Jean whose past love life came back to haunt her. The sweet girl has written letters for her past lovers and has kept them in a box. The letters are for her eyes and mind only--they are not supposed to be delivered to the recipients. However, the letters were unknowingly and unexpectedly sent to all of the recipients. The long-time, unsaid truth and confession are suddenly exposed which would surely cause a hug turn around on her life. Surprisingly, one of the boys who received the letter was her sister’s ex-boyfriend. Lara did everything to avoid them but nothing seemed to work. Unfortunately, instead of making the situation better, Lara only seemed to end up with wrong decisions. This story has given off a different pinch in the heart. It surely is nice to feel teenage love again. The movie starred Lana Condor, Noah Centineo, and Yael Yurman, Israel Broussard, Janelle Parish, and John Corbett. If you are fond of love stories but are already fed up with the typical prince and princess storyline, this could be in for you. 

Always Be My Maybe

Our childhood sweethearts surely have a special place in our hearts although most of the time, we don’t end up with them. Well, this is somehow how the plot of this story goes. Sasha is a famous chef and was engaged to another celebrity chef. However, her boyfriend asked for a 6 months break up. Spacing out, Sasha decided to move back to her hometown in San Francisco to establish her restaurant. She then met her childhood sweetheart Marcus. After their teenage break up, they have not spoken to each other for 15 years. The two revisited the places they have been to when they were still together.

Wait! Old lovers reunited? Is there still a spark? If yes, would the spark ignite the long-dimmed love or, are they going to accept that they are now in different worlds? Yes! The movie will make you want to stay tuned on what will happen to them.

The Half of It

“Love is not finding your perfect half. It's the trying and the reaching and failing". This line is how Ellie Chu describes love. Ellie Chu is a Chinese-American who lives in Squahamish with his father. She is a smart, straight-A girl who earns extra by writing essays for other students. One time, she agreed to help Jock Paul woo his crush, who is Aster, by writing love letters for him. As Ellie continuously writes love notes in the name of Jock, she gradually falls in love with Aster. The innocent diversity of love overflows in this movie. 

The movie depicts a diverse and colourful view of love. Plus! It is not only the sensual love that you should look after, but also the undoubtedly strong bond that Jock and Ellie have made. 

Notting Hill 

The story started with an ordinary, accidentally spilt orange juice on the clothes of a woman he just bumped in the streets. He offered his home for the girl to change her clothes without knowing that she was the super famous actress named Anna Scott. Everything in his life has changed ever since Anna Scott went into his house. The story gracefully depicts how the two eagerly maneuvers their relationship against the trials brought about by Anna’s fame. 

“After all, I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her”. Who would not know the famous lines of Anna. The lines are innocently striking that would make you feel everything in the movie is real. 

Practical Magic

Would you still choose to love if you know that anyone who will fall in love with you will suffer in an untimely death? Difficult question, right? Well, this is what the witch sisters, Sally and Gillian, are born with. Every woman in their family is cursed with such an evil and sad thing. While one of the two sisters pursued her journey with love and lived life to the fullest, the other one did the opposite thing by swearing off men and hating her magic. Sooner, the two train to learn hard magic. Unfortunately, their advanced course only brought danger as their whole lineage is now threatened to be exterminated. 

What If?

The century long question is thrown in this movie: Can a boy and a girl be really really close without anything more? Well, Harry Potter is back but not with Ginny. Wallace, the main character of What If, is played by Daniel Radcliffe. He is burnt out of being in a relationship because of her past experiences that made him more cynical about love. He met Chantry, a bubbly girl, in a social party which soon became her best friend. The two get along very well up to the point people were asking about their relationship. However, Chantry already has a boyfriend. The story will spin around their journey of understanding the possibilities of what if your best friend is also your lover?

The First Daughter

This is the story of the daughter of the United States’ President who just wants to live a normal life. After a long time of living a secret life with less social interactions inside the confines of the White House, Samantha decided to study college and do it in a normal way--though, it did not happen because of the tight security measures for her. Nonetheless, she met a boy who just sees her as she is. They go out together and everything is rainbow and butterfly. Without her knowing, she’ll soon find out a secret that will change her life.

The movie gives another flavour since it talks a bit of how hard it is to be the daughter of an important figure--a President to be specific. Furthermore, the sweet ambiance of the movie will make you fall deep in love. Friendship is also highlighted in this movie. 

Your Name/Kimi No Nawa

This magical love story will bring your hopes for love into another dimension. Two different bodies from different timelines are intertwined by the oddities of fate and the universe. Mitsuha and Taki bizarrely interchange bodies when they sleep that enables them to live the other person’s life. As they get to know more of the other person’s life, an unexplainable feeling starts to build up. Much more to their feelings, they also struggle because of the grave danger that is about to start. 

The movie is perfectly laid out with the heart-lifting and soul cleansing music that will make you feel like you are inside the movie. Your heart won’t surely forget the melody of the movie and how a name could change everything. 

Set It Up

Two persons who share the same fate of having terrible and demanding bosses team up together to at least make their working place breathable. Harper and Charlie have the same experience which made bonding together easier. They have come up with the plan of setting up their bosses believing that making them fall in love will at least make them a bit kinder. Well, at first everything is fine and their bosses did become kinder.... but not for so long, though. Having to be together most of the time, a thick cloud of emotion starts to build up with each other. 

The story is full of hilarious scenes that will make you laugh your heart out and bring it back beating with the sincerely sweet scenes. 


These are just some of the top romantic movies in Netflix Australia. The list goes on and on. If you would like to see more lists for Netflix must-watch in recent years, visit Compare Broadband to browse our streaming guides. The list is composed of a variety of genres including comedy, drama, fantasy, doco, and horror.

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