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Life becomes more thrilling and challenging if you make sure to sprinkle it with a bit of horrors. For sure, it is the sweaty palms, pounding heart, and wide-open-eyes plus a sharp loud scream that indicates a horror movie is good! Luckily, you can experience the all-out horror experience with the list of Netflix horror titles that goes on like The Human Centipede. Yikes! Compare Broadband handpicked some of the horror movies in Netflix Australia which will surely give your heart a good shock and will make you feel more alive. Whether it is a serial killer, a slasher film, a madman story, a psychological horror, a ghost, the undead, or a killer nature that you like, you’ll find it on Netflix's library. 

Let’s start listing down the Netflix horror titles that will give you the chill you are looking for. 

What’s inside?

  • The Babysitter
  • A Quiet Place
  • The Ritual
  • The Cabin in the Woods
  • Train to Busan
  • Annihilation
  • Zombieland
  • Veronica
  • Hush
  • Creep

The Babysitter

A good splash of comedy and horrors! The story is about a teenage boy who has a chic babysitter. The chilling moments aroused when the  boy stayed up late even when it was already past his bedtime. Roaming around, he shockingly saw a scene that turned his supposed to be good night sleep into a nightmare of a lifetime. His hot babysitter was unknowingly a part of an old satanic cult. What he witnessed that night was a ritual of human sacrifice! 

With grim killing moments, a thrilling chase and run for life scenes, and perfectly thrown hilarious lines, The Babysitter will surely give you a pack of chilling slasher moments with a sprinkle of comedy to loosen up your tight chest.

A Quiet Place

If we are just going to base the rating on its name, well it will surely get the highest point for being able to justify its name. This movie could give you a goosebump from the start to end even if you could actually count how many lines were spoken in the entirety of the movie. Set in a time where beasts roam the land, a quiet place tells the story of a family who struggles to continue living. It is entitled A Quiet Place because they are not allowed to create any noise or else the beasts will find them. The film has achieved the eerie and creepy atmosphere where sound is almost cancelled out. With this mood, even just a coin dropped on the floor could actually give you ample shock.

Nonetheless, if you think it is easy to stay quiet, I bet you haven’t thought of giving birth to a child. Yep! Can you imagine having natural labor without spewing any sound? All in all, this is a good thrilling horror movie that would make you and your hearing more sensitive. Watch out for the beast--but be more careful with the nails on the stairs!

The Ritual 

This Netflix Original starts with a group of friends who were trying to honour their dead pal’s memory by hiking in Sweden's wilderness. All was going well but not until they found themselves lost in the middle of nowhere with some getting injured. When they thought that everything was going fine, the worst just came when they noticed that an unseen creature was trying to hunt and haunt them. 

The movie has successfully crafted the creepy and chilling sound effects along with its spectacular and unique visual designs of creatures. You can feel the danger just by listening to the sound.

The Cabin in the Woods

The supposedly fun out of town adventure of a group of friends turned into a bloody outing. A group of college students drove out only to stay in a cabin that holds a big surprise and mystery. It is too late when they have noticed that something is off about the place. In the night, they were welcomed by the undead whose sole goal is to rip human’s flesh and kill. 

This will surely be loved by slasher fans as blood and flesh are something common in this movie. Nonetheless, it is not the typical undead born by cult’s ritual story. The cabin holds more secrets. Who are the culprits? Who are the men in lab gowns?

Train to Busan

If there is actually a recognition called “the best zombie chase” award, Train to Busan has bagged it already. Imagine having Usain Bolt infected with the zombie virus and he is now dashing and sprinting towards you. Yes! These are no ordinary zombies as they are fast and aggressive. 

The virus first stemmed from a dear and eventually passed it to a human. The infamous train to Busan is literally an adventure of the people riding in a train that is going to Busan--the last frontier. The climax does not only focus on the zombie problems, but also with the human conflicts as they start to become anxious and unfit to make sound decisions. Human selfishness and unconditional sacrifices are also highlighted in this movie as different characters choose the path they would walk on. The chase will surely give you a throbbing heart. Nonetheless, you will surely fall in love with the two daddies that we have.


This is a sci-fi horror movie that could go beyond the depths of your understanding. A group of scientists were deployed to investigate a quarantined place where a meteor supposedly collided. Going deeper into the impact’s location, the biome and environment seemed to have been changed or altered. A new place was born---it was like a place from another dimension getting mixed with ours. Nonetheless, the amazement turned into shock and grim deaths as they encountered mutated animals which are now unknown beasts. They are searching for ways to survive as they get killed one by one. If you are a fan of science fiction and can stomach gruesome deaths, this one could fit right in your criteria.


Being in an apocalyptic world could be a curse but not if you are with this gang. This group of misfits roam the roads of America as they look for food and shelter while killing and blowing zombie’s heads. The apocalyptic atmosphere is at its best sprinkled with comedic punches that surely makes it a good taste on the eye. Starred in this movie are Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson, and Abigail Breslin who definitely go well with each other. 

With all of the many Zombie themed movies out there, Zombieland has its unique punch and taste that makes it stand out above the rest. 


Inspired by a true story, Veronica gives just the right amount of uneasiness that will make your palm drip like a faucet. During a solar eclipse, Veronica and her friends tried to summon the spirit of her dead father using a Ouija board. After doing the ritual, she became unconscious. It is only days after when she noticed that something bizarre was happening. Without her knowledge, the evil creatures started lurking in their homes after she made contact. The movie’s atmosphere can make you feel the right amount of uneasiness. For sure, you won’t be turning off the light when you sleep.


The story revolves around the life of a girl who is deaf. Maddie Young lost his hearing and speaking ability when she went under a surgery because of a bacterial infection. Eager to pursue her writing career, she chose to live a quiet and solitary life in the woods. Everything seemed good but not until a serial killer appeared on her window. The young lady is now struggling in every way just to survive. 

The movie has great nail-biting scenes that will surely push you on the edge of your seat. You better not watch it alone as it could make you really wary of your surroundings. Do not look at the windows!


A young videographer was called for a one-day job at the top of the mountains. He was tasked to capture the moments of a daddy for his unborn child. The day was slowly turning into night and everything seemed good and well. However, events turned around when he discovered that the jolly person he was with in the daylight was not his client’s real character. Turned out, he was locked in a house in the mountains with a psycho!

A roller coaster of emotions! This movie can give you a rainbows and butterflies scene for a while then shifting into heart-pounding scenes in an instant. The gradual development of unsettling feelings becomes heavier as the movie progresses. Be sure to watch it with someone!


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