• What is Apple TV?
  • What can I watch on Apple T.V?
  • How Much does Apple T.V Cost?

Ever since various streaming services rolled out, we never run out of movies and titles to watch. Truly, the trend in video streaming has changed the way we consume and pay for media entertainment.

It was just in 2016 when Apple decided to join the T.V streaming service industry along with the market giants that we have now like Fetch and Foxtel. Apple T.V was launched geared with original contents and features that other T.V streaming providers offer.

In this guide, we will get to know more of what Apple T.V is. You will also get to understand how it works and what you can possibly get from it. Compare Broadband will guide you throughout the entire article so you will get to know more about the service. Let’s start!

What is Apple TV?

Apple T.V is a media-streaming device that enables you to access a wide range of contents by connecting it to your Apple T.V or Smart T.V. Just like Fetch T.V, a device somehow similar to a set-top box will be connected to your screen device which will serve as the signal receptor for displaying the media contents. You will only be needing an HDMI cable to connect your Apple T.V hardware to your screen display device. Once  connected, you are then free to stream on your favorite channels or on streaming sites like Netflix or Stan.

Similar to the less keys/buttons feature of other Apple devices, you should be aware that the Apple T.V box has no manage buttons and you can only manage it through the remote control provided. Internet connection is also a must-have if you are planning to purchase an Apple T.V. Most of its functions and features rely on it just like video streaming and accessing iTunes.

Similar to other conventional streaming media devices, the Apple T.V hardware will serve as a portal for you to different channels and streaming services like Disney+ and Netflix. It supports many television streaming services so there will be no reason for you to run out of movies to watch. On top of it, Apple T.V originals are also stored in its library. You can also download or save offline the titles you would like to watch on a later date.

However, it would be unfortunate if you would want to watch free-to-air T.V because Apple T.V currently does not allow it. You will need to use other applications for you to access free-to-air television. Another side note is that it has no video recording options as of now.

What Can I Watch on Apple TV?

The library of Apple T.V holds a lesser volume of contents compared to other media-streaming devices. However, lying across the thin shelves are various content genres ranging from dramas, educational media, content for kids, and fantasy which grow in number each month. Basically you can access almost all of the applications you can download on your Apple. Free video streaming services are also available in Apple T.V service. You can freely watch videos on YouTube, TED, and Twitch at the expense of watching ads.  Nonetheless, if you are after the hottest and latest on demand media titles, here are the heavyweights streaming service you can access on Apple T.V. 

What are Apple TV Generations?

Updates and changes on the Apple devices we have are always expected as the Apple company continuously improves its service. This is also true with the Apple T.V. Since its first launch in 2007, it has already gone into three generations of revamps. New features are always anticipated for each generation as they serve as the highlights of the new Apple T.V.

First Generation

The first generation of Apple T.V was launched in 2007. Specs of the first generation includes a 40GB memory storage which was eventually increased to 160GB. However, back then you could only stream contents that are sync on your iTunes in PC or MC. This downside was resolved when a software update was made in 2008.

Second Generation

The birth of the second generation was a bit confusing since instead of leveling up the harddrive storage, the later 160GB was replaced by 8GB internal storage. By doing this, Apple T.V has shifted the way the people consume their products. Instead of downloading the videos, people became more focused on streaming them instead. Streaming through PC or Mac via Airplay was also allowed in this Apple T.V generation.

Third Generation

The highlights of Apple T.V third generation is its capability to support a 1080p HD video quality. The first and second generation were only able to support 720p viewing quality. Nonetheless, almost all of the second generation’s features were retained aside from the video quality and faster internal processor.

Fourth Generation

In 2015, we finally met Siri, the voice-command, assistant. More features were added in the fourth generation of Apple T.V A dedicated App store where you can download games and streaming apps was added which widened the access of the customer on Apple T.V’s services.The remote control we had for a long time also had its revamp where touchpad was enabled.

Apple T.V 4K Generation

The Apple TV 4K is the latest iteration of Apple T.V that we have. This model boasts its capability to support 4K UHD videos along with HDR10 and Dolby Vision. What is a 4k video by the way? A 4K resolution has 3840 x 2160 pixels which is considerably far more defined than the 1080p video quality we have. This means a better and more visually gratifying streaming. With this feature, 4k contents from various streaming services like Netflix and Stan are also made available.

Apple also has a promo now. If you will buy a new Apple T.V device, you will be eligible for a one-year free trial service of Apple T.V+ (T.V Plus). This new service is different from Apple T.V although it is accessible through it. The Apple T.V is streaming-media or streaming device while Apple T.V Plus is a streaming service or application.

It should be taken note that even though your Apple T.V box can still be used, time will come that you will eventually need to replace it. Since the streaming device is continuously upgrading, there will be features which won’t be accessible in older models of Apple T.V.

How Much Does Apple TV Cost?

With 32GB storage, A8 chip with 64-bit architecture, a Siri remote, and HD-enabled content viewing, the Fourth Generation of Apple or the Apple T.V HD is priced at 209$ which is the suggested retail price in Australia.

On the other hand, the Apple T.V 4K UHD costs either 249$ or 279$ depending on the storage capacity. The Dolby Vision enabled T.V hardware will surely heighten your watching experience. The 32 GB Apple device is priced at 249$. But if you want a larger storage, the 64 GB Apple T.V 4K is a good to go for you.

Although the Apple T.V did not set the bars higher and only met the standards barely, we can be so sure that it won’t go any better in the future. Nonetheless, the seamless controls and smooth interface processes , which are the trademarks of Apple devices, are still evident on the Apple T.V The polished user experience is what makes its stand in the media-streaming industry a solid foothold. If you still have questions about the Apple T.V, do not hesitate to contact Compare Broadband. We will be happy to help you. Contact us if you have queries or problems regarding  your streaming devices or broadband plans. Our professionals at Compare Broadband will assist you right away.