• What is Hayu?
  • How much is Hayu?
  • Do I need a fast internet connection to use Hayu?

Are you sick of watching movies that feature superpowers, superhumans, cartoon films, or vehicles with independent intelligence that transform into human-like form? Maybe you are tired of watching leagues all day long and just want to have a breath of fresh air? Well, you are fortunate enough because Hayu might be able to give what you are looking for.

Most Aussie households are really deeply into sports which could be seen with how large the sports streaming industry is in Australia. We have Kayo and Foxtel Now which are known to be the heavyweights in sports streaming. On the other hand, if you are a movie binge-watcher we have Binge and Netflix which are known to be the houses of on-demand movies and films.

Well, we could not also deny that a vast number of people who love watching reality TV shows. There is no stopping them from watching these reality sagas because most of the time, people could relate to them. The only thing that makes watching reality TV shows hard is the fact that only a few streaming sites feature such programs. Do not be sad, though! Hayu is out and on to supply you with all of the on-demand real life TV shows you have been craving for.

Compare Broadband will guide you all the way in knowing the whats and hows of Hayu until you could decide if it is for you.

What is Hayu?

Hayu, pronounced as “Hey U”, is a subscription-based streaming channel which is solely dedicated to airing reality TV shows and programs. Reality TV shows are quite normal scenes in free-to-air TV channels but the high demand on such programs brought “reality on-demand streaming services” out of Pandora’s box--Hayu is one of them. This streaming app delivers the reality TV series on the screens of the Aussie viewers the same day it is aired in the U.S. This is what they call “served while hot”.

This fresh TV streaming service was launched in 2016. It is said that Hayu has a library of more than 3000 episodes of different reality on-demand programs. If you are a fan of the Kardashans or a solid fanatic of total physical transformation which is the heart of Revenge Body with Khloe, this is the safe haven of reality shows you are looking for.

However, if you are looking for movies or sports programs, you are on the wrong page. Hayu is dedicated solely to broadcasting reality TV programs and series.

What are the Subscription Plans of Hayu?

This reality on-demand service provider is subscription-based just like other streaming apps such as Netflix, Binge, Foxtel, and Stan. It means that in order for you to access the premium channels and shows they are airing, you need to subscribe to their service first.

A month’s subscription cost $6.99. This payment will give you open access to all of Hayu’s shows and programs. Plus, just like other streaming services Hayu also offers a free-trial for a month which you can use to check the service if it is the tea for you. It should also be taken note that Hayu has no lock-in contract in their subscription plan. Customers can stop availing their service any time they want.

If we are to compare it with the subscription plans of other streaming service providers, Hayu has a bit cheaper price compared to Netflix, Foxtel, or Stan. Nonetheless, Hayu offers a totally unique and dedicated package of entertainment which we call the reality on-demand.

What Can I Watch on Hayu?

While some people dislike reality shows for not being on-their-taste, most people find entertainment in such programs for different reasons. Some might be enjoying watching reality programs because they could see themselves on the program or they could relate. On the other hand, some love watching reality shows because they could have a look at the glamour and grand of life they could not yet afford. Others might have personal reasons. Nonetheless, it all boils down to entertainment.

So what shows could you watch in Hayu? Well, if we will take a look at the whole menu of Hayu, we will be needing so much time. That is why we have handpicked popular and on-demand shows for you. Here are some of the must-watch in Hayu. 

  1. Keeping Up with the Kardashians
  2. The DNA of Murder with Paul Holes
  3. Below Deck: Sailing Yacht
  4. Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian
  5. Vanderpump Rules
  6. Below Deck
  7. The Real Housewives franchise
  8. Flip it Like Disick
  9. Shahs of Sunset
  10. Project Runway

These are just a few of the popular and quality reality TV programs that you must watch in Hayu. There are a variety of reality on-demand in Hayu that might fit your taste buds. Themes of shows range from family issues and lifestyle, relationships, to living a glamorous  life.

How can I Subscribe to Hayu?

Subscribing to Hayu is very simple. You just first need to go to Hayu’s website to register/sign up for an account. You may opt to use your facebook account or GMail account to sign up in Hayu.  After creating your account, you may now then enjoy the free trial service. When the trial service is done, you can then decide whether to continue the paid subscription or not.

You may also access Hayu on any Android device or IOS device by downloading the app in the Play Store or App Store. Some Smart TV devices could also enable the Hayu app in their set-top box.

What Devices Does Hayu Support?

If you are using a computer or laptop, you can watch using any browser. Just go to Hayu website, log in your account, and you are free to dive into your favorite reality on-demand show. The Hayu app is also supported by dedicated Android or IOS enabled mobile phones. However, you have to at least have an IOS version 9.0 or AOS version 4.4 to access the app of Hayu.

Watching could not be any better with a large screen. Good thing Hayu is available in some Smart TVs which would provide a better watching experience. The 4th generation of Apple TV can access Hayu app to project a high-definition reality on-demand streaming. Hayu is also available in Smart such as Samsung, Fire TV, and Airplay. The app is also compatible with Google Chromecast.

You can also watch Hayu via Amazon Prime, Fetch TV, or Telstra TV. However, it should be noted that the standard payment for the TV subscription is apart from the subscription of Hayu streaming.

What is the Best Broadband Plan for Hayu?

Everyone would agree that one of the best things we could have is an uninterrupted viewing. Who would want to watch a show with a buffering signal? Imagine watching a heated confrontation between to live individuals in the show just to be disrupted by choppy audio and unwanted pauses. Here, Compare Broadband has listed the best broadband plans for your Hayu watching. Browse and see which among the plans do you think best fits your Hayu needs!

iiNET Unlimited Data Broadband Plan NBN 50

The typical evening speed of iiNET’s NBN 50 is 47.6 mbps. This speed is good for an HD reality on-demand streaming. The data plan features unlimited data caps for a price of $74.99 per month. Plus, the plan also offers Fetch entertainment along this bundle and a set-top box with 30 movies available for a month.

Telstra Unlimited Data Broadband Plan NBN 50

If you want no delay and unwanted buffering during your streaming, Telstra’s unlimited data plan could be your pick! The broadband has a 44 mbps typical evening speed through a fixed wireless connection. A 3-month Binge subscription will also be given to you all shouldered by Telstra. This might be the plan for you if you want no delay’s for your reality tv show viewing and Binge freebies. The plan is priced at $90 per month.

Belong Unlimited Data Broadband Plan NBN 50

40 mbps is the typical evening speed of this brand. The standard plan of Belong Broadband is unlimited. The typical evening speed could give you a wholesome experience at a lower price. The plan’s cost varies depending on the length of contract you want. It varies between a $65 plan or $70.

Optus Unlimited Data Broadband Plan NBN 50

Optus Standard NBN Plan cost $75 a month. Optus boasts its 44 mbps typical evening speed which is good internet speed for streaming. This plan could be what you are looking for if you want to have your Hayu watching in High Definition.

Aussie Broadband Unlimited Data Broadband Plan NBN 50

The Aussie-owned company makes pride of their unlimited NBN 50 that has an evening speed of 43 mbps for $79 a month.  A good streaming experience requires 40 mbps up. Aussie Broadband’s NBN 50 can provide that speed.