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A wide variety of video on demand platforms may be available to customers in Australia, but nothing can beat the locals’ love for HBO content. The broadcasting giant maintains a huge following in the country despite the growing number of competitors, thanks to its consistent release of exceptional original content such as The Game of Thrones, Westworld, and Chernobyl.

Considering that consumers are likely subscribed to different internet service providers and have their own preferences when it comes to streaming platforms, where do you go for your much-needed HBO fix?


HBO Max Australia

If we are talking about watching HBO content, what better way to access their titles than through a subscription to HBO Max, right? With a steady stream of content with nowhere exclusive to put it, the television giant decided to launch HBO Max, its direct-to-consumer streaming service.

However, this platform is still not available in Australia. While there have been reports of the company filing for a trademark in January this year, it remains to be seen when HBO will actually launch the service and begin streaming content locally.

While you wait, it would be better to access the titles you are looking for through other platforms such as Foxtel and Stan.

HBO on Foxtel

Prior to the inception of HBO Max and its impending Australian release, locals were able to access a good number of HBO shows through Foxtel. It has successfully acquired broadcasting rights to several HBO content and it also currently has the exclusive license to air original HBO Max content produced and distributed by the Warner Bros studios.

Unfortunately for Foxtel’s customers, their agreement with HBO is set to expire in two years, perhaps due to the upcoming launch of HBO Max Australia. Until that happens, though, Foxtel remains to be the original “Home of HBO” in the country so you might want to consider their plans.

The service provider offers Casual Essential and Casual Unlimited bundles that include a broadband connection, home phone, and Pay TV subscription for customers. The Essential bundle comes with 500GB of monthly data allocation and 25 Mbps of speeds for a month. The Unlimited bundle, meanwhile, includes unlimited data allocation and a choice between 50 Mbps of speeds for a month and 100 Mbps of speeds for a month.

HBO on Stan

When Foxtel was battling for broadcasting rights of HBO content, Stan was its toughest competitor. Foxtel emerged victorious, though, leaving Stan with Deadwood as the only major HBO series available on the platform.

This was before the service snagged two HBO Max originals, Made for Love and Station Eleven, as part of its studio deal with Paramount Pictures.

A basic streaming subscription to Stan is one of the most affordable plans available for consumers. Its basic plan monthly fee allows you to watch on up to three screens simultaneously, while the monthly subscription to Stan Premium allows offline viewing of select titles.

HBO on Binge

Binge is relatively new in the local streaming game, but it has already built a reputation of being the cheapest and easiest way to watch HBO shows in Australia. Its basic subscription plan is similar to Stan’s basic plan per month, but it has the largest collection of HBO titles that are legally available in the country.

Unlike Stan that offers a 30-day free trial to new subscribers, though new Binge-rs are only given up to 14 days. Still, that is more than enough time to try out the service at home.

With over 10,000 hours of content added daily, you will never run out of programs and movies to watch on this platform. The challenge is in making sure you have enough bandwidth and the fastest internet speeds to keep up with your streaming. Check out this list of internet plans to know which deal is most suitable for your needs.

Other alternatives

Foxtel, Stan, and Binge are decent options for accessing your favourite and much-awaited HBO content. But if you’d rather watch films and TV shows through other means, you can always check out Google Play and iTunes for available digital downloads. For classic titles, you might be able to score a DVD or Blu-Ray in stores and online.

If you want to know more about the Pay TV plans and deals offered by various service providers, check out Compare Broadband’s website or call us at 1300 106 571 for professional assistance.