• Do I need an NBN connection for Netflix?
  • How much data does Netflix consume?
  • How fast does my connection need to be to stream Netflix?

Together with the internet, Netflix has indeed conquered our lives. Netflix has become an in-demand way to entertain ourselves at home. We get to watch almost all our favourite movies anywhere and anytime we want to, see the latest movies from other countries and enjoy Netflix created movies at the comfort of our homes. Netflix has become a cost-efficient way to enjoy movie nights at home, without having to spend for rental or for buying DVDs.

Netflix also happens to be one of the most data-intensive activities for your internet connection. Latency can interrupt your movie nights during the most exciting moments of the movie. On top of the speed issues, not all internet providers are benevolent enough to provide their users with unlimited data on a workable budget.

Ask yourself. Is your current internet provider capable of providing you the best service that you need to enjoy Netflix fully? Is it time to get NBN for Netflix? Here are some considerations to keep in mind to get the best internet service for your Netflix streaming needs.

Your Netflix Appetite

Before you can determine what type of internet you need, you need to determine how much internet you consume at home. Average Netflix subscribers watch around two hours of Netflix in a day. When people are encouraged to stay more indoors at this time of the year, the average may have doubled or tripled, especially with the younger generation spending more time at home. On a minimum, you spend an average of 60-90 hours a month on Netflix.

An hour of Netflix in Standard Definition enjoys around 1GB, so it is around 60-90GB in a month. High-definition movie streaming will require 3GB in an hour, while Ultra HD (4k) will require 7GB. If you prefer higher definition movies or series at home, for more than 60 hours in a month, an unlimited plan is an ideal plan for you.

Watching Netflix using a phone or tablet will require you around 3GB of data per hour. If you use a 4G connection, the data needed to watch Netflix on mobile increases. It would require a huge amount of data to sustain these mobile needs on a monthly basis.

How Much Do You Use the Internet?

On top of Netflix, there are also plenty of other activities you do online. You should take this into account when calculating how much internet you need at home. Understanding internet bandwidth and speed gives you a better idea of calculating your internet needs and if an NBN plan would be ideal for solving your internet needs.

Internet speed and bandwidth play an essential role in making your streaming experience the best. Acceleration is similar to how fast a car travels. On the other hand, bandwidth refers to the number of open lanes where your vehicle can move.

If you have 100 cars running on a single lane, they will run slower than 100 cars running on five different paths. Thus, bandwidth also plays a significant role in determining the speed you'll enjoy when browsing or streaming online.

Internet activities require different minimum internet speeds. Emails, streaming video, and one-on-one video calls can consume 1Mbps in an hour. Web browsing, social media, streaming SD Video requires 3Mbps. Online gaming can require 3-6Mbps in an hour, while video calls require 2Mbps in an hour. However, to fully enjoy these online experiences, the ideal and recommended internet speeds are five times these minimum requirements.

The number of people or devices that use the internet simultaneously is also essential when computing for your internet requirements at home. Even devices connected in the background like your smart home technologies should be accounted for when estimating your internet speed and data needs.

If you have plenty of devices being used, all at the same time at home, you would want to cover all these devices simultaneously with your current internet service. Multiple devices at a time can slow down your internet speed.

NBN Plans to Match Your Streaming and Browsing Needs

NBN plans with 25Mbps range from $70 to $90 a month. It would be an ideal internet provider to choose, most suitable for heavy-duty video streaming. A few of the broadband service providers under the NBN network with unlimited data features include, Tangerine, Vodafone, MyRepublic, Mate, Kogan, iiNet, Aussie Broadband, Superloop, Dodo and Internode. Tangerine is the cheapest at $49.90 a month, with Dodo the most expensive at $65.00 a month with $24.90 upfront fees.

NBN Data plans that offer unlimited data for its users include a variety of features. Some offer no contract term plans as well as yearly and 18 month contract plans. Unlimited NBN Essential Flexi under MyRepublic is the cheapest at $69 a month with a speed of 43Mbps.  NBN50SL Bundle (TPG) commits up to 46Mbps speeds with a contract of 18 months. Yearly contracts start at $75 a month of the iPrimus Unlimited Plan (NBN 50) with speeds up to 41Mbps. Optus no contract $75 Optus Internet Everyday -NBN with a maximum of 44Mbps costs around $75 a  month. Telstra's Unlimited Data (NBN) offers no contract term, bonus deals, a maximum speed of 44Mbps and is the most expensive at $90 a month.

Do You Really Need NBN for Netflix?

NBN is one of the useful options to consider when most of your internet needs requires high-quality streaming like Netflix. With 4K or Ultra-High Definition available for Netflix subscribers, NBN would be the best option to keep up with your internet browsing and streaming requirements. But the question is, do you really need to change internet providers and get an NBN plan?

Before jumping into a new internet plan, you should look into other information regarding your current internet providers. Does your current provider offer enough bandwidth and sufficient speed? Are your internet service equipment at home outdated? If you answer yes to the following questions, you might want to solve your internet issues by upgrading your internet plan if cutting back on bandwidth-heavy internet applications is not an option.

Your outdated modem or router may be the first culprit why you are having a problem with your internet connection. A replace in equipment would be ideal.  If your calculations indicate that you need a higher data cap for your internet service, an upgrade would be also a better option, as data cap is the only issue that you have with your current service.

Although NBN seems to be a very appealing option to maximize your Netflix streaming needs, it  may not always be the best, or the only option available for you.

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