• What is Telstra 5G WiFi Pro and How Does it Work?
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  • Ending Thoughts

It was not long ago when we had the promising network technology that promised a better internet experience, low latency, multi-gbps data speed, and admirable speed. Telstra has levelled it up now. Launched just this year 2020, Telstra 5G Wi-Fi Pro is set to provide a faster internet speed. It is said to be an upgrade of the 5G that we have. 

What is Telstra 5G WiFi Pro and How Does it Work?

With these prospective advantages that we could have from the 5G Wi-Fi Pro, it could be the true network of tomorrow. 

The technology behind the faster internet speed provided by Telstra 5G Wi-Fi Pro is 5G mmWave. Pronounced as millimetre wave, it is a short-range high frequency network technology that is said to be the next “wave” of 5G and can reveal the true potentials of 5G. It is Australia's first network device that is mmWave enabled so it means that it is ready for the large scale roll out of 5G. 

The mmWave technology provides amazing speed. It could reach up to 4gbps which is considered as the fastest 5G connection. The downside though, its range is shorter. It means that the strength of your internet will depend on your location towards the signal tower. It is also exposed to network interference that could slow down your connection. Adding to that, we still don’t have the technology for mmWave. It is more likely that Telcos in Australia will get to have a full launch of the said technology in 2022 or so. 

The hardware has a 2.4 inch of touch screen display which features a data meter to track your data consumption more conveniently. It also has an Ethernet port that can be connected on different devices, and a quick-charging battery that can last up to 9 hours of continuous usage. 

The device utilises Wi-Fi 6 technology which arguably hikes up performance and reduces signal interruption. Enabled by Telstra Network, the Wi-Fi Pro can access the superfast 5G and also the advanced 4gx network connection. 

Telstra 5G Wi-Fi Pro costs 599$ for a single payment but can also be purchased on payment terms over 24 or 36 months. The Wi-Fi Pro can be purchased in Telstra stores. 

Nonetheless, testers of Telstra 5G WiFi Pro have noticed points that need to be improved. The device has difficulty in receiving signal indoor even if it is inside the 5G range. The signal only becomes better when the device is brought outside or is nearer to the signal tower in which it shows that the signal and internet experience will largely depend on your location. 

Testers have also noted the inconsistencies of the device when connected with an Ethernet wire. Instead of spiking up the performance, the Telstra 5G seemed to hamper it down. 

Future Possibilities

5G technology is already a promising technological advancement. With its promised higher internet speed, larger network, capacity, and lower latency, useful applications of this technology could already be seen. To say that we now have the “new wave” of 5G is promising but also sounds a bit too good to be true since we haven’t even experienced the full capacity of 5G itself because it is still not rolled out in a large scale. 

However, if this will actually be true, then we could hope for a better future with its possible useful applications. It could be a driving force of economic growth since many of the businesses have already established their names online. With a more reliable and stable internet speed, faster transactions could be expected. 

In addition, we could also take advantage of its higher specifications during emergencies to respond quickly and with accuracy. Since communication is a vital factor to be considered in an emergency, a fast and accurate connectivity would be needed.  This would also greatly contribute to faster response time as a result of a faster connectivity. 

Media and Entertainment industry will also surely benefit from it. As the streaming industry and television landscape boom continuously because of people’s demand, the demand in faster and more reliable connections will also trend up.

Ending Thoughts

The Telstra 5G WiFi Pro surely is an interesting mobile network technology to look after. The possibilities it promises are high while adding the point that it is future-proof--ready to take advantage of what 5G has to offer on its large scale roll out. 

However, purchasing it right now could not be the right time. Although it has the advancement in technology that could be useful in the future, we still don’t have the technology that could reveal its true potential since 5G is still scarce. It means that we still need to wait probably until 2022 for the full roll out of the 5G network to witness the capabilities of Telstra 5G WiFi Pro.

The device’s value won’t be worth it if it can’t function its unique feature just because the main resource it needs--a widely available 5G connection--is still not around.  It wouldn’t be a good decision to change your NBN connection now in exchange for the 5G WiFi pro. Nonetheless, it is the future capabilities of Telstra 5G WiFi pro that is being sold for now. 

However, if you really want to have a 5G hotspot in your home, you have no option but to buy Telstra 5G WiFi Pro since it is the only device with 5G range. The good thing though, there are alternatives that you can choose from.  We have Telstra’s fastest 4G modem which we call the Nighthawk M2. 4GX Wi-Fi Pro could also be a good choice if you are after speed and reliability. These devices have already gone through testing with real-world results which have shown that they stand a good fight. 

If you are interested in the other Telstra products and services, visit our page or just click the link for you to be redirected to the Telstra services in our page. If you are having problems with your network connections or NBN plan, contact Compare Broadband for a consultation. We will be more willing to help you.