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Now that we have the unlimited stream of titles to watch, the big question is which movies would not disappoint you and waste your precious time, right?! Foxtel Now has a large pool of titles to watch and sometimes choosing could really be confusing. Lucky you! Compare Broadband has listed the best TV shows in Foxtel Now that you could watch. 

The Goldbergs

If you are looking for a warm cosy and light TV series to watch, The Godbergs got it for you. The series spins around the Goldberg family. It is a combination of documentary and reenactment of events that focus on the family members’ lives. 

The shots of beautiful memories were captured by then 11 years old Adam Goldberg. He managed to store on film the memories of his family members which include the good times, the bad times, the hilarious moments, and most specially the love-filled moments of his family. The now 30 years old boy has decided to share their beautiful moments to other people through The Goldbergs TV series. The love-filled and hilarious family moments will surely be loved by families!

The Walking Dead

The enthralling adventures of this group of people began after the Undead apocalypse almost wiped out entire humanity. The group led by Officer Rick Grimes now travel across America in search of a safe place to stay. As the walkers or zombies move out and roam to eat the living, the gang is forced to relocate. Aside from the threat of the walkers, each member is also conflicted with their interpersonal relationships which poses a greater danger to their lives. 

Unlike other zombie apocalypse series, the walking dead has a unique character development that is noticeable as you watch it episode by episode. The change in perspective and behavior of the characters as they solve conflicts around them to stay alive is exhibited in a humanly way which will make you relate more. 

Game of Thrones

What more can I possibly say? The all-time mega hit TV series is phenomenal for so many reasons! With the story first revolving around politics and war of noble houses, the story will give you the chills of the medieval fighting scenes before revealing a greater conflict that concerns the entire realm. Each character is powerfully enacted with their own distinct personality. What is more exciting is the fact that the wars are not only about who has the larger number of armies, but who has the best war strategists. This TV series won’t let you stick with a single favourite character as you start watching it. Be ready. Who you like today might be your favourite tomorrow.  The twist on every episode, the unexpected deaths of the assumed protagonists, and the unbelievable fight scenes would make you not want to stop watching. 

The CGI effects and high production value only elevates the Game of Thrones viewing experience. Add the fact that award-winning actors and actresses are starred in the TV series. Truly, Game of Thrones has embarked its name of every person who has watched it. If you are planning to binge watch it, prepare your mind for the surprising twists and prepare your heart for the heartbreaking moments cause anyone can die--even the most loved characters--unexpected things could happen in an instant. 


The movie is set on a technology advanced amusement park with a theme wild-west. Robots or Artificial Intelligence occupy the said park to serve as hosts for the rich and capable people. The clients can do whatever fantasies they want to do with the host with the fear of having the robots retaliate or fight back. Unexpectedly, one of the hosts began to be sentient and be conscious on his own. Later on, more hosts began to be sentient and started killing the guest in the westworld including the employees. 

The TV series will surely tickle your itch for science fiction with its great narratives and visual effects. The show is a mixture of technology, evolution, murder and mayhem.


The Carnivale aired from 2003 to 2005. The classic eerie ambiance of the TV series is strangely hooking as “strange” characters and events surface on the show. The story is about a man named Ben Hawkins who has a supernatural healing ability who joined a traveling carnival composed of strange people: conjoined twins, tarot reader, telekinesis, and others. Ben later on shared a dream or premonition with a Methodist preacher named Brother Justine Crowe. Hawkins then started to explore his magic little by little while the preacher, believing it is God’s will, immediately made use of his power which has led him to unlikely decisions and consequences. 

The story is a great depiction of the process in choosing between good and evil--will and destiny. The thrilling, exciting, mysterious, and eerie experience that the movie gives off will surely put you on the edge of your seats. 

Sons of Anarchy

The story revolves around the conflicting ideologies of Clay, who is the owner of  a motorcycle club, and Jax, who is Clay’s step-son and vice president of the bike club. The hub used to house illegal supplies of guns and is also involved in probographic film. Both of them have the same direction aimed for the club at first. However, the now father Jax has discovered the old journal of his biological father which contains his dreams for the club of which he was a co-founder. Inspired by the dreams and goals of his father, Jax decided to go with the hard but legal way of managing the club. The tension increased as the two try to impose the way they had chosen with old-school Clay insisting on retaining the current way the club is managed. Jax now has to face the direction he has chosen as he faces the issues with her overly-involved mother while he tries to be a father to his newborn baby. 

The Greatest British Bake Off (GBBO)

The television aired competition features aspiring bakers as they strive to reach the peak of recognition. Each of the contestants competes with each other while trying to impress the judges with their baking skills. For each series of rounds, a contestant will be eliminated. 

Sounds typical, right?! Well, the contest process is a sure typical one that we have where contestants fight each other for dominance. However, the ambiance in GBBO is different! Although the competitive atmosphere is present, no negative attitude, no shouting, no backstabbing happens on the show. Contestants are actually helping each other out while competing and sympathising with their fellow competitors when things go wrong. If you are tired of the overly dramatic and full of negative vibes reality shows, then you can have a taste of good vibes with GBBO. 

I’ll Be Gone in the Dark

Crippling and thrilling! A true crime docu series of a serial killer dubbed as the Golden State Killer. Michelle McNamara’s exhilarating investigatory chase to the serial rapist and murderer who caused terror in California is packed into the docu series which would make you not want to be alone! The Golden State Killer has sexually assaulted 50 persons and has killed 10 persons. However, instead of making Michelle McNamara scared, the incidents only made her more determined to pursue her investigation to seek justice for all of the victims. 

The conquest for justice amidst the terrifying threats of the Golden State Killer will surely make you want to close your eyes but at the same time watch it! Be sure not to watch it alone, though!

The Plot Against America

Based on the Philip Roth Novel with the same title, The Plot Against America reimagines the political history of America. In the TV series, Charles Lindbergh defeats Franklin Roosevelt in the Presidential Election of 1940. With this event happening, the country will soon witness a shift in the ideologies of the countries as the nation turns into fascism. 

The artistic and mind-itching storyline will make you want to know more of what is going to happen in the series. Plus, the story is rich in historical references and real world situations which will help you relate it more to what we experience in the modern day. It also gives off a good dose of how politics could change a person’s ideologies and persona. 


The iconic Australian crime drama spins around the story of Bea Smith who was charged of attempted murder of her husband. She got separated from her daughter and she now needs to learn how to live and survive inside the prison cell. 

Highlighted on the story is the struggle of the characters to climb up the hierarchy inside the prison to survive. The survival inside the jail is really tough given the harsh and violent environment which sometimes includes crimes. The storyline is complex enough which will keep you attentively seeking for details to anticipate and understand events. 

Mrs. America

Mrs. America is based on the long-fight for equality of the Feminist movement. It focuses on the story of Phyllis Schlafly who pursued for the amendments of equal rights in the 70s. Each episode tackles a serious social issue which concerns equality rights for the binary gender. Although some of the scenes and characters were somehow overly-portrayed or enacted, the show still shows off the real face of the world during their fight on one of the toughest culture wars in history. 

The narratives and storyline are thought provoking. Critical analysis and reassessment of your personal perspectives will be triggered once you watch the TV series as it will impose real world questions to you. 


The investigatory suspense crime drama is perfect for binge watching! The psychological thriller which stars Damian Lewis and Nicholas Brody spins around the speculation that a marine, who has just returned after being held captive by the terrorist group Al-Qaeda, is now turned into an enemy and poses a grave threat to the country. The speculative investigation of the two CIA officers will soon lead them to poor decisions and unlikely circumstances. Pick your popcorn and lay on your sofa as this suspense crime will make you not want to stop watching. 

What’s The Best Broadband Partner for Streaming Foxtel Now?

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