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Halloween is just right in the corner and what could be the best way to spend it other than watching horror movies with your loved ones? We know that people are looking for chills and thrills. We also understand that choosing the best horror film could be really difficult with the vast options available out there. Don’t worry, though! Compare Broadband has listed the must watch horror movies for Halloween for you. 



The Ritual 

Four friends set out to honour their late pal’s memories by hiking the wilderness of Sweden. Everything was fine until they found themselves lost and injured in the midst of the misty forest.  Set in the deep dark forest, the scenes feature the quest for survival of the characters being haunted by an unseen and relentless creature of the dark. The ominous atmosphere of the movie has found its way to provide a fresh horror vibe. A plus point should also be given for the unique creature design and complementing chilling-music. If you want to feel the thrill of running for your life, this film is a hit for you!

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If you like your spooky viewing to have a sprinkle of science and imagination, Annihilation fits the bucket! The core events in this sci-fi horror film stemmed out from the collision of a meteor on the Earth’s surface creating a novel and unknown biome from the impact site which they called “The Shimmer”. The collision has resulted in the deformation of the pre-existing creatures on the impact site making them horrendous and creepy monsters. To know more about “The Shimmer”, a group of military scientists were sent out to observe the site. Upon entering, they saw deformed creatures while slowly losing track of the true stretch of time. The story gets wild as the exploration turns into a battle for life. 

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This movie will surely make you feel more anxious being with strangers. The storyline is about a videographer who took a one-day job of  filming a video for an unborn child. The shoot was to be done on the mountain. Things went smooth and the employer seemed to be nice and jolly. However, the events started to feel eerie as the character shifted its persona as night came. The thrill was set on fire when the videographer discovered that he was locked up in a house in a mountain with a psycho! 

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The Babysitter

You better not stay up late or else, you’ll be in the same fate as the boy in this film. As the title suggests, a babysitter is involved in this story. But mind you, she is not just an ordinary babysitter! The chic and hot babysitter of the boy is a member of a cult which sacrifices humans. His supposedly good night sleep turned into a night of terror as he personally witnessed the human sacrifice. With the right dosage of slasher moments, grim killings, and perfectly thrown hilarious punch lines, this film will surely spill your horror date with screams and laughter. 

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The Invitation

You will be tangled with psychological threads in this movie. Aside from the awkward scene of Will, the protagonist, being invited to his ex-wife’s and her new husband’s party, the psychological thrill builds up slowly until the revelation blows up your mind. The party seemed to be fine until Will got a hunch that something bad and bloody would happen.  What they thought as a simple dinner party was something else. You would probably bring your own glass and drinks to the party after watching this!

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The Shining

If there is a classic way of scaring people, it is “The Shining” way. Moving into a new hotel to resolve his writer’s block, Jack unwantedly unravelled the secrets of the Overlook Hotel, which triggered something dark and evil inside him. The loving father and husband has turned into a murderous maniac equipped with an axe! You’ll surely get hooked with the psychological chase.

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This Netflix Original is a fresh theme for horror films. Although this movie has no “run for your life” moments or sort of axe and chainsaw massacres, it can dig deeper into your bones as it can happen in real life. Alice is a cam girl who wanted to climb the top rank. It is her ambition. Just as when she was about to reach her goal, her identity was stolen by someone that is unknown. Cam’s theme and scenes are relevant and realistic enough to make you feel scared about being online.

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A good splash of comedy and horror! Set in an apocalyptic time, a group of misfits roam the roads of America seeking shelter and killing zombies. This is not your typical gory zombie movie. Watching this is like viewing a rain of blood sprinkled with confetti! The zombie fights and hilarious punch lines are just masterfully laid out. What a good laugh and goosebumps!

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A Quiet Place

The movie justifies the title! Who would have thought that a quiet movie could make your heart pound faster?! Set in time where sound-sensitive monsters lurk, a family struggles to survive. Nobody is even allowed to speak as it may alarm the monsters. In a world where making sound is prohibited, how can you manage to live and especially, to give birth? You can feel pain but you can’t scream. Plus, watch out for the nail!

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