• Not keen on spending money month to month, there are free sources online for viewable content.
  • These sites have a range of independent, classic and blockbuster films and tv shows.
  • Below is our list of Top 5 sources for free streaming online.

We all know that if you want to watch a show these days, chances are it is available to watch on a paid streaming service such as Netflix, Foxtel Play or Stan. However, if you are not exactly too keen on forking money out month after month, then this article may come in handy to you. Did you know that there are actually a number of streaming sites available online that allow you to watch films, documentaries and tv series’ for free? Here are our top 5 picks for the best free movie streaming sites available today, so read on to find out more! 

1. Vimeo

You may have already come across Vimeo during your search to watch certain videos online. Whilst definitely not as popular as Youtube, Vimeo is still a fantastic video upload service for short film/independent filmmakers or creators who want the freedom and flexibility of a mobile-friendly and HD-capable upload service. Vimeo offers great privacy and multiple video management controls, along with a fantastic community of viewers from all around the world. 

If you are looking for something awesome to watch this weekend, we recommend having a browse through Vimeo’s Staff Picks which is chock-full of goodies ranging from Science Fiction to Romance to Drama. Best of all, Vimeo is available on your Phone, Tablet, Smart TV, Roku or Xbox, meaning you have access to it wherever you go. 

2.    Classic Cinema Online

Are you a hardcore classic movie buff? Love black and white films, or cowboy flicks from the 50s? Well, if that is the case, then Classic Cinema Online and you are a match made in heaven. This streaming website is exploding with classic films, ranging from Lone Ranger all the way to Secrets Of Dr Kildare. Classic Cinema Online is home to all the gems of yesteryear, including silent films, serials and movie billboards. Looking for something specific? There’s a search function that allows you to look for movies in specific as well. 

3.     PopcornFlix

Owned and operated by Screen Media Ventures (an independent distributor of TV shows and media to the television market), PopcornFlix is home to thousands of free names and titles that they own the rights to and that you’ll be sure to recognise as well.

All the shows featured on PopcornFlix are free to watch either on your PC/Laptop or on your Tablet/SmartPhone via their mobile application. From full Nat-Geo series’ to popular films such as Monster, Up In The Air or Rugrats Gone Wild, there is always something on this website that will please both you and your family. 

4.    MoviesFoundOnline

MoviesFoundOnline is home to free independent films, TV shows, stand-up comedy, classics, documentaries, viral videos and so much more. This free streaming website is well organised, making it easy for you to look through different genres of films or search for a film you specifically have in mind. One thing to note however - MoviesFoundOnline does not upload or host media themselves, so once in awhile, shows may suddenly disappear if there's a copyright claim. Aside from that little hiccup, this website does indeed host a lot of fantastic, difficult, and most importantly, free to watch movies and videos. 

5.    YouTube

Last but certainly not least, we have YouTube. If you haven’t heard of YouTube, then you’ve been living in a different dimension for the last decade. Ignoring a bunch of ripped and pirated media available on YouTube, did you know that the website is actually home to many free YouTube Originals that are available via Creative Commons or shared in the public domain? Although YouTube Red is slowly taking over, you still do have access to some awesomely free YouTube Originals right now - so catch them before they disappear! 



We hope that this lists helps anyone who is looking for some evening entertainment without having to subscribe to a particular service. We believe that entertainment doesn’t always have to come with a price - and these websites are here to prove just that. Happy watching!