• We’ve gone from having no options to having way too many options when it comes to picking the best movie streaming sites and platforms
  • The “best” can often be a very subjective point of view
  • Which one ticks all the boxes for you? Which one is the most cost efficient? Read on to find out more

Although a vast majority of the world has had the opportunity to stream movies online for a number of years now, we have only so recently been touched by the angels of entertainment here in Australia. All of a sudden, we’ve gone from having no options to having way too many options when it comes to picking the best movie streaming sites and platforms. The sudden influx and rush of choices can sometimes leave us a little confused as to which site or service suits our needs best. Whether you are looking for a service that has a billion hours of entertainment in its library or something that will use the full potential of that kick-ass new TV you purchased last week, the “best” can often be a very subjective point of view. In order to help you pick what’s best for yourself, here are a few of the best movie streaming sites available to us in Australia today. Which one ticks all the boxes for you? Which one is the most cost efficient? Read on to find out more! 


We are sure that you are no stranger to Netflix. In fact, Netflix and Chill is probably something you have participated in recently (wink!). Netflix Australia launched in the first bit of 2015 after many a month of anticipation. Although the initial offer of shows on Netflix Oz was not as exciting or generous as its US counterpart, the entertainment library has been steadily growing since its launch. 

Netflix Australia now provides users with thousands upon thousands of quality streaming titles including Stranger Things, Black Mirror, Orange Is The New Black, Daredevil, The Blacklist, Vikings, Iron Fist, Riverdale and so much more. Oh, and those are just TV shows - there are a myriad of movies to pick from as well, from old to new, Sci-Fi to Action. 

Netflix’s basic membership is one of the cheapest available in the market today starting at only $8.99/month for standard definition on one screen at a time. Standard HD will cost you $11.99, and Premium (4K Ultra HD) will cost you $14.99).

Netflix also comes with a one-month free trial and no lock in contracts, so users can cancel their subscriptions at point of time if they fancy. Netflix also runs on almost any platform imaginable - from your Smartphone, Smart TV, Xbox, PlayStation or Tablet - so you’ll never miss out on your favourite shows. 


Stan is another fantastic streaming service that houses an extensive collection of movies and TV shows at a more than affordable $10 a month.  Stan really has a great interface, offers fast HD streaming and is extremely easy to use - even your 5 year old will be able to figure out how to turn their favourite cartoon on in the evenings. 

Stan subscribers are able to watch their favourite shows on up to three screens at a time, a real plus point for families or friends who are sharing the cost of the subscription.  Stan also comes with a one-month free trial and no lock-in contracts. Similarly to Netflix, Stan can be run on almost any platform, from your iPhone to your Smart TV. Some of the titles you will be able to find on Stan are Wolf Creek, Better Call Saul, Zombie, The Following and Penny Dreadful. 

Stan gives users the option to choose the image quality at which they stream their favourite shows on, which is great for those who don’t want to accidentally max out their broadband or mobile data plan. There is also an automatic setting that adapts the bit rate at which you stream according to the quality of your internet connection - always better to be safe than sorry!

Foxtel Play

Foxtel Play is a streamlined IPTV service from Australia’s biggest cable TV company and is the ideal option for Australian consumers who are keen on what Foxtel has to offer, but would rather not sign a lock in contract for an actual set top box or cable subscription. Signing up to Foxtel Play is painless - all you have to do is hop online and sign up for an account on the Foxtel Play website and then choose a package that best suits your needs. You are billed on a monthly basis and you have the choice to change or cancel your subscription from month to month. 

Foxtel Play will cost you between $10 to $55 a month, all dependent on the packages or channels you opt for, with an additional $20-29/month for premium drama and sports packs. Subscription to Foxtel Play also gives you access to Foxtel Go, Foxtel’s specialised service for mobile devices. 

For all you Game of Thrones junkies, you’ll be pleased to know that Foxtel owns the rights to screen the series in Australia, so this may be the best option for you if GOT is your current obsession. Other titles offered include Fear The Walking Dead, Suits, Pretty Little Liars, Ray Donovan and so much more. 


If you're a sports fan, it might interest you to know that Fox Sports have launched Kayo, the app that lets you stream sports live in HD, with no ad breaks. What's more, they're currently letting you try it out for free (and you can read more about Kayo and their content here). 


Last but not least, we have iTunes. Unlike Netflix or Stan, iTunes does not offer an all you can eat buffet of entertainment for a monthly subscription fee. Instead, iTunes gives you the option of either renting movies for around $6.99 per title, or the option of buying them for $20. This is ideal for people who want to feel like they own a copy of a Movie or TV Series, whilst not having to bother purchasing DVDs that lay around the house and collect dust. 

One thing to note is that rentals can only be viewed on the device that the title was rented on. Titles offered on iTunes include Homeland, The Blacklist, Dr Who and Fargo. iTunes can stream to most Apple devices and other compatible hardware.


With so many options out there today, making your choice can be rather difficult. Hopefully, we have helped you in your decision making of which streaming service suits your personal needs the best. Happy watching!