• What is 4K?
  • How does 4K streaming work?
  • Is 4K streaming necessary?

Gone are the days when everyone had to settle with programs being broadcast on free-to-air TV channels. Now, customers have plenty of other options to satisfy their viewing habits. Add to that the latest advancements in technology and you have a TV that is fully capable of supporting 4K quality in videos.

But what exactly does streaming in 4K mean and how does this affect one’s viewing pleasure? Allow this article to clue you in on everything you should know about 4K streaming in Australia.

Let’s get this out of the way first: No Australian TV network broadcasts shows in 4K, except for Foxtel. So, if you’re not an avid viewer of Foxtel programs, does this mean it’s pointless to purchase a 4K TV, then? Not at all! Especially if you are a fan of Pay TV or you like playing video games and Blu-ray discs through your television screen.

What is 4K?

The term “4K” refers to the video format that is otherwise known as Ultra HD or UHD. It’s the number of pixels in the full width of an image, which is 4096 pixels or 4000 when read by computers. With 4K, you get a screen resolution of 3840 x 2160, which is equivalent to 8.2 million pixels or roughly four times the number of pixels for HDTV.

Simply put, you get a very detailed picture flashed on your TV regardless of the size of your screen or how close you are to it. It gives one a cinematic experience, so to speak.

How does 4K streaming work?

With four times the resolution and number of pixels, it also four times the weight of data that your standard HD should support. While you may be able to get a clear picture on your screen, it could mean significantly slowing down your internet connection and causing it to lag in the middle of streaming.

For 4K streaming to work, you have to make sure that you have enough bandwidth to support it, as well as high-speed cables for a seamless transition. The best solution to this is to subscribe to a reliable broadband connection at home.

If you are looking to upgrade to 4K streaming with a newly bought TV screen or a 4K capable router, be sure that your Wi-Fi plan can support it as well. Check out the guide to the top internet providers in Australia.

Is 4K streaming necessary?

If you are already satisfied with your basic streaming setup, it’s easy to say that upgrading to 4K is no longer necessary. That is if you haven’t experienced the level of quality that 4K streaming offers. For an improved viewing experience and to fully enjoy your TV shows and movies in a much better way, check out the list of Pay TV plans from various service providers.

VOD platforms that stream in 4K

The abundance of video-on-demand (VOD) platforms in the market these days speak of the variety of options consumers have when it comes to TV streaming. You already know about Foxtel, so here are a few other platforms you can subscribe to if you want to stream in 4K:


Despite the growing competition, Netflix is still home to a wide variety of titles worth watching. You can also take advantage of its show recommendations based on your viewing habits, which is a definite plus. Check out their full repository of original films, TV series, and documentaries, including ongoing shows such as The Crown, Stranger Things, and The Witcher. 


This home-grown brand has a decent library of interesting titles that could very well give Netflix and the newer streaming platforms a run for their money. While it doesn’t give you recommendations the way Netflix does, but the library is fun to navigate. Stan is known for TV shows more than their movies, so you’ll definitely want to check out their titles if you are looking for a good binge.


This Foxtel-owned platform is basically just an extension of the TV network. It gives you access to all the programs that you can also find on the channels that Foxtel supports such as HBO, BBC, CBS, Warner Bros., and NBCUniversal among others.

These are just the top three, but you can always check out Disney+, Amazon Prime, Hayu, Apple TV,  and a whole lot more. If you want to know more about broadband plans that can help you stream without lag, call Compare Broadband at 1300 106 571 to speak with experts.