• What is Telstra TV Box Office
  • How much does Telstra TV Box Office box?
  • What can I watch on Telstra TV Box Office?

The landscape of the streaming and viewing industry has really changed over the course of time. With the strong competitive atmosphere in the T.V and streaming industry market, one will never run out of the on-demand goodies may it be a movie, sports and action, or reality shows.

The continuous trend of people’s demand on viewing and watching entertainment has caused a multitude of streaming services to be born out of necessity. The advent of high speed internet as a result of NBN innovations and the birth of 5G has also partook in the shaping of the new watching industry.

With these changes, streaming services should also surf the tide of change to maintain being on the surface of the market or else they’ll drown and be left out. The heavyweights on streaming services like Netflix, Kayo, Foxtel, Binge, and Stan are improving their platforms by including useful features to heighten the watching experience of their subscribers.

This is also the same with the movie library BigPond Movies which has morphed into what we know now as the Telstra T.V Box office. This change has only expanded the pool of movies that we could dive in!

What is Telstra T.V Box Office?

Telstra T.V Box Office is the new version of what we previously have known as BigPond movies. The new streaming service houses all of BigPond Movies’ libraries of movies and T.V shows you can rent to watch. The menu ranges from reality T.V shows, documentaries, movies which you would hardly find anywhere, and series that are complete in episodes.

Telstra T.V Box Office is different from other streaming services. It is not subscription-based unlike other stream providers. Signing up in Telstra Box Office is free. You don’t need to pay for a subscription to get access to the whole library it has to offer. You only need to pay for the specific titles you want to watch and then you are good to go. This gives people a good breath of air since they don’t have to force themselves to watch many movies “to make the most out of what they have paid”. In this scheme, you can watch now and then or whenever you feel while maximizing the value of your money.

How Much Does Telstra T.V Box Office Cost?

Signing up to Telstra T.V Box Office is free. What you need to pay is the movie or title you are going to watch. The prices could vary depending on the title, release of date, and if you are going to rent or purchase it outright.

Most of the movies cost around 6$ for rental service and 15$ to 25$ for direct purchase. However, it is quite different with T.V shows since the rent option is not available as it is restricted by the studios. Nonetheless, you can purchase them which means you can have your own pool of T.V shows! Rewatch all of them all you want.  Each individual episode costs 3$ but you can also purchase the whole season which would charge your pockets for around 20$ to 40$. Since it is not subscription-based but a pay-as-you-go scheme, you can first browse the library to scan the prices of the titles you want to watch.

Just like other streaming services, Telstra T.V has also service gimmicks for its customers. New users will be given free credits during their first month which they can use to watch movies in Telstra’s library. Discounts are also given away so you better keep an eye on its official website or open your notifications on your mobile phone Telstra app to be updated.

What Can I Watch on Telstra T.V Box Office?

If you are a BigPond old user, you know how vast the pool of movies it offers, right? Telstra has only improved this service with an aim of providing more movies and titles where most of them are blockbusters straight from the cinema.

Homeland, Queen & Slim, The New Pope, Scoob!, High Maintenance, Victoria, 1917, The Walking Dead are just some of the must-watch in Telstra T.V Box Office. The library has a catalogue from which you can choose whatever genre you want to watch right away.

Complete seasons and new episodes of the most fresh and hottest TV programs are also made available for your entertainment. Varying from comedies, dramas, and documentaries, the T.V shows in Telstra will surely have what you want with its vast shelves of shows.

Where Can I Watch Telstra T.V Box Office?

The streaming service is made available in any of the Telstra TV Box generations. You can seamlessly access and rent or buy movies and titles through any of the Telstra devices that you have. However, you also have the choice to watch it on your PC or Mac via updated browsers.

Some smart TVs that have Telstra apps enabled can watch directly through their screens by accessing them through the application. BigPond old users can still access it through BigPond apps installed on their smart televisions. AOS and IOS mobile phones can also be installed with the Telstra T.V Box Office App from which you can watch.

Do I Need to Have a Telstra Broadband to Watch Telstra T.V Box Office?

The answer is no. Telstra T.V Box Office is pretty much like other streaming services where you only need to download the app and wallah (!), you are good to go. Some people think that you need a Telstra T.V or Telstra broadband plan before you can stream in it but it is not. However, Telstra ensured that their loyal customers could have perks to enjoy.

Although a Telstra T.V or Telstra broadband is not needed, you will still be required to provide a Telstra ID. You can obtain this by either having a Telstra broadband or purchasing a Telstra sim card for 2$ and creating your account with it.

What Telstra Broadband plans can be bundled with Telstra T.V Box Office?

Telstra offers broadband bundles for their customers from where they can add on subscription to Telstra T.V for 9$ per month. Once you have bundled your broadband with your Telstra T.V subscription, you will be able to enjoy the Telstra T.V Box Office plus the perks of having unmetered data for your streams. No worries though for other users since streaming on Telstra Box Office only requires 3.5 to 5 mbps internet speed depending on the video quality. At most, you will only be spending 5GB of data for an hour of streaming.

Here are some of the Telstra broadband plans you can bundle your Telstra T.V Box Office.

Telstra Casual Essential Home Broadband

The typical evening speed of this plan is 20mbps which is far greater than the minimum requirement of Telstra Box Office streaming. This 75$ per month broadband plan has a data cap of 500GB. This is good for those who watch movies only as a pass-time activity. You won’t surely run out of data in a month with this plan if you only have a small household.

Telstra Casual Unlimited NBN Home Broadband

Priced at 90$ per month, this plan has no data cap and has a typical evening speed of 44mbps. The internet speed of this plan is best for hardcore streaming and binge-watching. If you will add an amount of 9$ per month, you will be entitled for a Telstra T.V that will enable your Telstra T.V Box office.

Telstra T.V Box Office will surely join the wave of the new streaming industry. With the vast library that the BigPond Movies had accumulated and stored, added to the innovative and on-demand listings of Telstra, this streaming puppy will surely grow into a biting dog in no time. If you have questions about Telstra T.V, Telstra Broadband plans, or Telstra T.V Box Office, do not hesitate to contact Compare Broadband. We will be happy to help you with your tech problems.