• What is YouTube Premium?
  • How much does YouTube Premium Cost
  • What can I watch on YouTube Premium?

YouTube has been our companion in streaming free videos on the web for a long time. Almost 2 billion people visit YouTube per month. No wonder how the total number of uploaded videos reached 5 billion just in 2018 which is the same as the total number of videos viewed in a day! It is not only that. The number of videos escalates quickly as 300 hours of videos are uploaded every minute.

Well, who would not love YouTube if it almost has everything? In fact, it has been dubbed as the second largest search engine after Google. People started searching answers and solutions for their queries and problems because of the multitude of contents it stores and offers. You want to watch cute cat videos? YouTube has it! You want to learn how to cook Chicken Parmigiana? Type it in YouTube’s search bar and there you have it. You want to watch different sports leagues and matches? Sit back and ask YouTube to play it. Even the wildest things that you can’t even imagine, YouTube also has it!

Since YouTube is a free video sharing platform, the upload of new contents is unstoppable. This scenario only widens the scope of content YouTube can offer. From the how-to videos, the acoustic covers, or anything that might concern a human being, YouTube has established a library filled with such contents.

Nonetheless, the only thing that almost everyone dislikes is the non-stop minute-long ads that could ruin your streaming experience. Worry no more though! YouTube has decided to level up its game to stand a good fight against the streaming industry giants like Netflix, Foxtel, Stan, and Kayo. We now have the brand new YouTube Premium that has something in store for us.

What is YouTube Premium?

Before its rebranding in the year 2018, YouTube Premium was formerly and awkwardly known as YouTube Red. The premium in the name suggests, of course, premium access to titles or movies and unique features that are not available in the free YouTube.

Just like other streaming apps, YouTube Premium is subscription-based. It means that you have to subscribe to their service to gain access to their premium contents and unique features. Basically, you pay for a much better service.

Some features include ad-free watching videos and listening to music. Yes, YouTube premium includes premium music streaming. You get to watch your favourite videos or listen to your favourite album cover without the worry of being interrupted by unwanted ads.

On top of the free videos, YouTube premium subscription also opens the gate for the premium or original contents of YouTube. These contents are not available on the free YouTube space. Hence, only those who have subscribed could watch the said videos at the content of their hearts. This new look of YouTube has also enabled the offline mode where you can download the original that you want to watch and save it for later watching. 

What Originals Can I watch on YouTube Premium?

Just like the range of genres of the free to watch YouTube videos, the Premium subscription also offers a multitude of genre choices for their originals. Sports, Anime, Games, Drama, Reality Shows, Documentaries, and films, name it and YouTube premium will play it for you.

Here are some of the must-watch shows in YouTube Premium: 

  • Cobra Kai
  • Scare PewDiePie
  • 12 Deadly Days
  • Escape the Night
  • Kevin Hart: What the Fit
  • Foursome
  • Impulse
  • Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television
  • Step Up: High Water

How Much Does YouTube Premium Subscription Cost?

The subscription plans of YouTube Premium are quite simple yet flexible. The standard subscription payment for YouTube Premium is at $14 per month. However, YouTube Premium has special offers which are the student plan and family plan.

Students are eligible to subscribe on YouTube Premium for only $8.99 per month. This also includes a glimmering 3 months of free trial. Nonetheless, a strict verification process is needed for this plan. Students might be asked to submit IDs and certificates to identify themselves. On the other hand, households could avail for the family plan which costs $22.99. A total of 5 household members could connect to YouTube premium given that all must have a Google account to be included.

The standard plan does also have a month-long of free trial. Nevertheless, it should be well taken note that only first time subscribers are eligible for the free trial service.

What Devices is YouTube Premium Compatible With?

You can watch YouTube Premium the same way you watch its free version. If you are using your PC or Mac, you can search for it on the web, sign your account, and you are free to dive in whatever content you would like to watch. Using your mobile phone could be quite the easiest and most convenient one. Using your mobile phones, just open the app and search for the title you want to view. Of course, a wider screen may provide a better watching experience. Some smart TVs, like Fetch TV, have built-in YouTube applications or are YouTube enabled from which you can sign your account and watch directly on the TV screen. However, if your TV has no built-in YouTube app, you may opt to use a Chromecast.

What Broadband is Best for YouTube Premium?

The data consumed in streaming is different to the data consumed in downloading. YouTube’s data consumption in streaming its videos for an hour could range from 500MB for a 480p video and 2GB for a 1080p video quality. Downloading on the other hand may spend 870MB of data for a 720p video quality and 1.6GB for a 1080p video quality. If you have noticed, you might be able to save data if you are going to download it instead of streaming it. Nonetheless, it is still best to have a broadband plan that is fit for your YouTube Premium! Compare Broadband has listed some of the best broadband plans for your Premium YouTube experience.

TPG Unlimited Data Broadband Plan NBN 50 

Boasting a 46mbps of typical evening speed, TPG offers their Unlimited Data Broadband Plan that is a must-pick for hardcore streaming without worrying for delays or buffering. The bundle is priced at $69.99 per month. 

MyRepublic Unlimited Data Broadband Plan NBN 50 

The unlimited broadband plan of MyRepublic stands a good fight against its internet service competitors with its 43mbps typical evening speed. This speed is above the minimum requirement for hardcore streaming which is 40mbps. You’ll get this kind of service for $69 per month.

Belong Unlimited Data Broadband Plan NBN 50

Belong Unlimited Data Plan’s price varies from a $65 plan or a $70 plan depending on the type of contract you will avail plus a free modem. Both of the plans have 40mbps of typical evening speed. This standard plan has no data cap so you may watch YouTube the entire month! Experience a wholesome watching experience.

iiNET Unlimited Data Broadband Plan NBN 50

iiNET is a tough competitor if we are only talking about unlimited data. Priced at $74.99 per month, the NBN 50 of iiNET prides its typical evening speed of 47.6 mbps which would drown you with unlimited data for a month. Plus! 30 free movies will also be given along with this bundle including a set-top box for Fetch entertainment.

Aussie Broadband Unlimited Data Broadband Plan NBN 50

The Aussie-owned internet service provider  offers their NBN 50 with a typical evening speed of 43 mbps. This plan does not also have a data cap. Meaning, you will be able to enjoy your Premium YouTube subscription for a month with your friends and family.

Compared to other streaming giants like Netflix and Foxtel, YouTube Premium has lost its battle when it comes to the collection of blockbuster movies and original contents available in its service, for now. However, we can’t deny the fact that this cub in the premium industry is a leader in content variation and range. Who knows when or how will YouTube Premium level up its service with the billions of subscribers it has?

If you have queries about YouTube Premium, do not hesitate to reach Compare Broadband to answer or clarify them for you. We would also love to help you in choosing the best broadband for your YouTube streaming.