Direct Debits and Broadband internet in Australia

Many Australian broadband internet providers require a monthly direct debit payment from a bank account or credit card. Exetel, Netscape, TPG, and iiNet all prefer a direct debit payment system. Telstra Bigpond and Optus may offer a billing payment system and if you are not comfortable with a direct debit then these providers may be your best option.

Speed shaping or excess downloads and direct Debits

When your broadband internet provider shapes your connection speed once you exceed the monthly download limit, direct debits are simply an easy way to pay for your internet connection. Before you sign up to a direct debit, you will need to make sure if there will be any excess usage charges that may result in a larger direct debit amount than expected.

However, if your provider charges excess usage fees it is important to keep track of your usage to ensure you don’t end up with a large monthly direct debit. Choosing an appropriate usage limit will help with this. If you plan to download movies and music then you will need at least a few gigabytes of monthly download usage. Many providers will have on and off-peak times so try and limit your downloads to the often larger off peak download limits. Most Australian broadband internet providers will have a website login where you can check your monthly usage to keep track of the amount of data you are downloading.

Additional fees and direct debit payments

You will also need to be aware of additional fees associated with direct debit payments for your broadband internet. For example, Exetel will charge an additional $1.10 per transactions when paying by credit card direct debit.

When you have a bundled home phone plan with your broadband you will also need to consider whether you will have the money available each month to pay for additional calls by direct debit.  The best way to avoid a nasty surprise is to check your download and call cost online with your internet provider.

Security and direct debits

Many people are hesitant to give over personal details for a direct debit over the phone or internet. It is important to remember that Australian broadband providers are required to adhere to strict privacy policy’s and once your personal banking information is collected, it can no longer be viewed by anyone unless they have the appropriate privacy clearance. If unsure, you can always put your own details in when you sign up online from a secure broadband provider’s website.