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Hello, my name is Gillian… and I’m an online shopaholic.

The world of online shopping has changed the way I shop, not to mention my wardrobe.


The convenience of having all of the pretty things at your fingertips instead of having to battle overcrowded shopping centre parking lots, rude sales assistants and not being able to find the item you’ve fallen in love with in the shop window - whilst online is just so simple!

No more dragging the significant other along for hours just to find that ‘perfect dress’, no more back aches and sore feet (no one tells you how much WALKING there is involved in shopping sprees - it’s simply EXHAUSTING!) - AND, no more shoppers guilt when you get home and are surrounded by shopping bags.

Online shopping has given me the complete freedom to step outside of the normal trends and truly develop my own style.  Having access to quirky designer brands and being able to shop when I want (as I’m usually at work during business hours) has been a blessing in disguise.


Friends are always asking me “where did you get that!” and are stunned to find out the discounts I can find on instore items.


My favourite part of shopping online - the PRESENTS!  Well, the self bought presents.. It’s like Christmas every week!  I’m actually on a first name basis with the mail man now, and he just chuckles every time I squeal when I realise what’s in the package he’s holding.

Now of course with all things great there are some cons..  The cons - sizing, delivery times, exchanges and I personally find it a lot easier to spend more money when you are not physically handing cash over - Hello credit card bill!

Online shopping, lets face it, is all about trust.  And I’ll be honest, the first few times you will rarely get your sizing right unless you have a measuring tape - and even then, sometimes it can be out.


I found this great link, created to compare general sizes across most of the major online shopping sites.



Whether you are in to fashion, beauty, technology or even having your own ghost in a bottle (yes - it’s a thing…) you really can find pretty much anything you desire at your fingertips.

It also gives us Aussies access to the famous thanksgiving ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’ sales without having to travel all the way to the U.S.

If you are a little hesitant about the quality of your product I would suggest reading up on blogs, they are a great source to hear the good, the bad and the ugly…  It will help give you an idea of what to expect from your online shopping experience, and also a way to share it!  

Now if it’s handmade items you’re after you can find the most amazing and individual things on Etsy. It is like an online market for the crafters in the world to distribute their beautiful goods.  Also, online shops are popping up all over facebook which is a great way to build a fanbase and get your product out there!  One of my recent finds is Reroy Kawaii, specialising in flower crowns which are perfect for spring & summer parties, festivals, weddings and races!

Another great online buying and selling source is of course, eBay.  It has revolutionized the shopping experience and was one of the first online auction sites.

Handy hint - In regards to secure payments, I always try to use paypal as that way you are covered by their insurance!

So now that you know what is out there, get buying, get selling - get looking fabulous!!  


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