How to tether your Apple iPhone to your laptop for internet access

  • Use your iPhone to get broadband internet
  • Learn how to connect your iPhone to your laptop
  • Be wary of excess usage fees

You wouldn’t believe how many people own Apple iPhones, yet don’t know how to use them as a source of broadband internet for their laptop computer while on the go. Laptops are great, but what if you suddenly need to access the internet and you don’t have a Mobile Wireless USB dongle, or you are nowhere near a Wi-Fi enabled Internet café? This is when tethering your Apple iPhone comes into the equation.

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The Apple iPhone Personal Hotspot:

Apple iPhone plans always come with included internet data, and this data can be used in times of need by creating a ‘Personal Hotspot’ on the iPhone for your laptop to access. Ensure your iPhone plan has a large enough data quota for you to use, as excess usage fees are not fun to encounter.

Creating a ‘Personal Hotspot’ is a very simple process. Once you’ve done it you won’t believe you’d never done it before. Simply hit the ‘Settings’ icon on your iPhone’s screen, and then go down the list to the Personal Hotspot button. Click this and you’ll be shown two options on how to share your iPhone’s internet connection with your computer.

Tethering the iPhone via USB cable:

To be honest, this is how I’ve tethered my Apple iPhone 3GS, as it was so simple and easy to do. Sadly, I’m not a technological genius. Simply plug your iPhone into your laptop via a USB cable, just as you might do when downloading music onto your iPhone from iTunes on your computer, or when you charge the iPhone via a computer’s energy source.

Once it’s plugged in all you have to do is go into System Preferences on your laptop, and then click on Network Settings. Choose iPhone from the list of possible network services listed. Before you know it your iPhone will say ‘Personal Hotspot: 1 connection’, and you can access the internet on your laptop using your Apple iPhone’s 3G data plan.

Tethering the iPhone via Bluetooth:

I have yet to try this method, but the idea is to tether a Personal Hotspot wirelessly via Bluetooth from the iPhone to the computer. The first step is to ‘pair’ the iPhone with your laptop. Next step, you need to tap ‘Pair’ on your iPhone. Once this has been done, enter the code that will now be displayed on your computer. Lastly, create the tethered connection from the iPhone to the computer. You are done.

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