Online Radio

The availability of broadband internet connections has enabled the use of technologies involved in broadcasting radio over the internet. You can now listen to radio programs from around the world through your computer and broadband internet connection.

Internet radio is often also referred to as web-radio or streaming radio and is transmitted through the internet rather than wirelessly like traditional radio services. Internet radio differs from ‘pod-casting’ as the radio is streamed live and no files are actually downloaded to play back later.

Most internet radio is free but there are also several sites where you can pay to have access to premium radio content.

Internet radio is an easy way to listen to radio programs from all over the world on your computer that are otherwise not available in your area on traditional radio frequencies. This is great if your particular style of music is not catered for locally, or if you want to listen to local radio stations in other countries.

There are several sites online where you can get access to all the best internet radio programs. These include Live365, DIG and netFM. You may need to download additional software in order to listen to internet radio, depending on the station.

You also will need to be aware that listening to the radio over the internet will contribute to your monthly download quota and you will need to monitor this usage. The station’s website should give you an idea of how much bandwidth is required to listen online.