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Some subscribers are disappointed when informed that although initial line checks were successful, ADSL2+ is unavailable at their address. This is often due to issues with either a "pair-gain" or RIM on the phone line, restricting the type of broadband service available. However, a pair-gain or RIM failure doesn’t necessarily mean you will be unable to connect a broadband connection as you can generally request to have them removed. Unfortunately you will not be able to receive ADSL2+ speeds when there is a pair-gain or RIM on the line.

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Pair Gain

If your telephone infrastructure is connected to a pair-gain system you will not be able to run an ADSL2+ service. A pair-gain system refers to the technology used to run several phone services along the same length of copper line from the exchange. Telecommunications providers will often install pair-gains systems to reduce installation costs and cabling space when connecting multiple phone services.

Instead of installing a separate copper line into each premise, a pair gain system will use the same line that is then split and run into several houses. The resulting line is adequate for a phone service but cannot support a high speed broadband connection.

In most cases you can request for your internet service provider to attempt to remove the pair gain system. If you have applied for an ADSL2+ service and received a pair-gain notice, the internet service provider will usually offer to attempt to remove it and provide and ADSL service. The removal is successful in around 70% of cases and will allow an ADSL service to run on the line. Unfortunately, even with the pair gain removed, you will not be able to receive an ADSL2+ service as connection is restricted to ADSL speeds.

Internode  (1300 106 571) and Club Telco (1300 138 155) will attempt to remove the pair gain for you as part of setting up a service. Call them today!


An RIM or Remote Integrated Multiplexer is often installed by Telstra to extend copper line to reach more areas. A RIM will allow a signal to travel further along the line and can also be used to split a copper line to several premises. There are a number of reasons why Telstra may install a RIM on your line including insufficient space for more cables, cable-laying difficulties or the overall expense of copper cabling.

If there is RIM infrastructure on your home phone line you will be unable to run a high-speed ADSL2+ broadband service. The fastest connection possible on a RIM service is an ADSL connection. Your internet service provider will suggest suitable connection once a RIM notification as been issued. If you have been notified of a pair gain or RIM on your phone line, you can search ADSL broadband plans here.

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