What Internet speed is right for me?

Broadband internet speeds vary depending on the plan you subscribe to. Generally, the faster a broadband internet plan is, the more you will be asked to pay. The speed that is best for you will depend on how often you use the internet and what you want to do with your broadband connection. Generally, you will pay more for a faster speed broadband internet connection.

Dial-up internet

Dial-up internet connection speeds average between 54 and 64 kbps. This is a very slow speed compared to the speeds offered by a broadband internet connection. Dial-up internet also ties up your home phone line and requires a local call cost each time you connect. A dial up internet connection is generally only suitable for a very occasional internet user who won’t mind the long wait for most internet pages to load.

ADSL broadband internet

ADSL connection speeds range from 256kbps to 8000kbps depending on which plan you subscribe to. For an occasional internet user a 256kbps connection would be suitable for web-browsing and sending emails at fast broadband speeds. 256kbps connections cost between $10 and $30 a month depending on the broadband provider and the monthly download limit of the plan. For example, Dodo offers a 256kbps broadband plan with a small 150Mb download limit for only $9.90 a month when bundled with a home phone service.

However, if you want to take advantage of online videos, online gaming and file downloads you may want to consider a faster broadband speed.

A 1500kbps is the generally recommended speed for internet users who want to stream online videos, play online games without latency and download music and video files.  The faster your speed the less time it will take to download files, load online videos and view webpages.

ADSL plan speeds go up to 8000kbps for super fast broadband where ADSL2+ is not available. If speed is important it is worth considering paying more each month to take advantage of an 8000kbps connection. TPG offers an 8000kbps connection with a 25GB monthly download limit for $79.95 a month.

ADSL2+ broadband internet

If you live in an area where an ADSL2+ service is available and you don’t have any telephone line infrastructure problems your internet provider will only offer an ADSL2+ service. ADSL2+ broadband internet connections reach speeds up to 24,000kbps and are often cheaper than an ADSL connection because the internet provider uses their own infrastructure and saves on a rental fee from Telstra.

Regardless of your internet use there is an appropriate ADSL2+ broadband plan for your needs with an Australian internet provider. Plans range from less than 1GB monthly download usage up to the huge 200GB iPrimus Big Kahuna broadband plan. The amount you will pay for an ADSL2+ connection will depend on the amount you intend to download each month.

Cable Internet

Where available, Cable broadband offers speeds up to 30,000 kbps. This is the fastest broadband internet connection available and is suitable for heavy internet users who require super-fast speeds. Telstra Bigpond offers cable connection with speeds up to 30,000kbps in areas of Melbourne and Sydney and plans start at $39.95 with a 200MB monthly download limit.

Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband speeds will vary depending on the location where you use them. In major cities mobile broadband speeds can reach up to 3000kbps. Mobile broadband uses the mobile phone network to transmit a broadband signal and can be affected by the strength of the signal, interference from buildings and weather conditions. If you need a broadband internet connection that you can take anywhere mobile broadband can offer broadband speeds almost anywhere in Australia. Prices will vary depending on the monthly download limit of the plan. Vodafone offers a mobile broadband internet plan with average speeds between 300 and 1500kbps with a monthly download limit of 1GB for only $19.95 a month.