Which Bundle?

Many internet service providers will also offer options to bundle home phone or VoIP services with a broadband connection. In most cases a bundled plan will also attract reduced fees or larger download limits. Bundling both the home phone and broadband with the same provider means you will receive a single monthly bill for both services.

The major telecommunications wholesalers Telstra and Optus both offer home phone and broadband services to Australian customers. However, an increasing number of broadband providers are now also offering a home phone service to eligible customers by re-selling Telstra or Optus phone lines. Often these providers can offer cheaper call rates as well as discounted broadband costs.

For example, Netspace and iPrimus both offer a $10 monthly discount off broadband plans for subscribers who also have an active home phone service with them. Rather than a discount off the monthly cost, iiNet offer larger download limits for customers with home phone bundles. Exetel offer a discounted $15 line rental to eligible ADSL2+ subscribers that can save in the overall monthly cost of a home phone service. By bundling a broadband service with a home phone or VoIP service you will generally save money on your total household communications cost.

Several providers offering Naked DSL will also offer a VoIP bundle to replace the home phone line. As Naked DSL subscribers no longer have an active home phone service, VoIP is a cheap alternative to a reliance on a mobile phone. Most VoIP services will also offer an inbound local number so family and friends don't have to pay for excessive mobile phone rates to stay in touch. iiNet offer a free VoIP bundle on all Naked DSL plans like the iiNet Naked DSL Home 1 4GB plan, with unlimited calls to national or local numbers. All Exetel ADSL2+ and Naked DSL plans also attract a free VoIP service with 100 free VoIP calls each month.

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