Why Broadband Internet beats dial-up

Many dial-up internet users will consider the advantages of a fast broadband internet connection. A broadband internet connection frees up you phone line to allow you to make calls through your home phone at the same time as browsing the internet at fast broadband speeds.

The popularity of broadband internet has transformed the internet and the way it is used. Webpage’s are now more complex with added content, videos and animations that require a faster internet connection speed to view. While you can still view any website with a dial-up internet connection, it can often be frustrating waiting for web-pages to load at such slow speeds.

What advantages does broadband internet have over a dial-up connection?

The main reason to take advantage of broadband internet technology is speed. With the introduction of ADSL2+ and Cable broadband subscribers can now utilise connection speeds up to 30,000 kbps. That is seriously fast internet.

Average Dial-Up internet connection offers download speeds between 50 and 60kbps. This is fine if you are a very occasional internet user and don’t mind waiting for webpages to load. However, if you want to take advantage of everything the internet has to offer it may be time to consider switching to a broadband internet connection. A broadband internet connection means website like YouTube, Facebook and Ebay will all load faster and allow you to view their content at speeds more than 10 times faster than a dial-up internet connection.

Online gaming, Skype calling and music downloads are all possible with a broadband internet connection and even if you are only an occasional internet user, you may find that once you connect a broadband internet service you will take advantage of the internet a lot more.

How much does a broadband internet connection cost?

There is an initial cost in setting up a broadband internet connection that varies for each service provider. You will need to purchase a broadband modem to use the service and pay for the initial line activation. Broadband internet can interfere with appliances that use the home phone line including fax machines, telephones and back-to-base alarm systems so will also need to install line filters that can be purchased from your internet service provider or from most electronic stores.

The monthly cost of a broadband internet service may be less than many people realise. For example, TPG offers an ADSL connection with speeds up to 256kbps for $29.95 a month. If ADSL2+ is available in your area you can subscribe to TPG’s 10GB broadband plan with speeds up to 24,000kbps for only $29.99 a month. An ADSL2+ connection is up to 375 faster than a dial-up connection!

A broadband internet connection will allow an uninterrupted internet connection and can save you money on the local call costs that apply every time you connect a dial-up service.

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