TPG Broadband Hardware

TPG offer a range of hardware options for their customers when subscribing to an ADSL, ADSL2+ or Naked DSL broadband plan. The type of modem hardware you will require will depend on what you plan to do with your internet connection.  All TPG Modems are ADSL2+ compatible so if you can currently only receive and ADSL service, you can be sure the modem you purchase will still work if you upgrade to a ADSL2+ service at a later stage. Modem costs are a one-off fee and once paid, the modem is yours to keep.
TPG Single port modems

If you only need to connect a single computer to the internet via an Ethernet cable, TPG offers a Dynalink RTA 1320 modem. The Dynalink RTA 1320 is a  1 USB port and 1 Ethernet Port combo modem and can be purchased directly from TPG for $59.95. With the RTA 1320 you can connect a single computer by either a USB or Ethernet connection.  This modem also includes a free C-10 Central Filter.

TPG 4-port modem

For TPG customers who want to connect up to four computers via Ethernet cables, TPG offers a Netcomm NB6Plus4 modem. The NB6Plus4 enables TPG customers to plug up to four computer into the internet via an Ethernet cable.  The Netcomm NB6Plus4 includes a built-in firewall and is available to $69.95 from TPG and also includes a free C-10 Central Filter.

For TPG customers who want to connect multiple computers both wirelessly and via an Ethernet cable TPG offers a Netcomm NB14WN modem. For $139.95 the Netcomm NB14WN allows up to fur computer to connect wirelessly and up o 4 computer to connect via Ethernet cable. The NB14WN includes 4-Port fast Ethernet and 802.11g wireless connectivity. A free C-10 central filter is also included.
For TPG customers who want both wireless connectivity as well as VoIP capability TPG offers the Dynalink RTA1046VW for $159.95 with a free C-10 Central filter. You can also save $20 off this modem when signing up for the TPG ADSL2+ 80G with VoIP Plan. The RTA1046VW includes a security firewall and DMZ< VPN Passthrough, Port Fowarding, UpnP and Qos and 2 phone ports with PSTN back up. This is the ideal modem for TPG customers who want fast wireless speeds and VoIP capability.

Other TPG Broadband hardware

TPG also offers Wireless PCMCIA network cards for desktop computers and USB Wireless network adaptors to make your computer wireless compatible for only $49.
All TPG Modems also attract a $10 delivery fee Australia wide.

C-10 Central filters are also available to filter the broadband signal for other appliances running on your home phone line.

You can purchase any of these modems when signing up to a TPG broadband plan. You are also free to purchase your own modem and bring it to a TPG plan as long as you know how to set it up. TPG only offers limited technical support for modems that it hasn’t supplied.

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