TPG Single Port Modem

Dynalink RTA 1320

When signing up to a TPG ADSL, ADSL2+ or Naked DSL internet service there are a number of modem options to choose from. You are always free to bring your own compatible modem to a TPG internet service but you will need to know how to configure and use it. TPG offers only limited technical support for modems that they don’t sell.

You individual needs will determine which modem is right for you. The Dynalink RTA 1320 is a single port modem which means you can connect one computer to the internet via an Ethernet cable. This is a great basic modem for beginners or users who only need to connect one computer to the internet.  This modem is compatible with ADSL and can reach download speeds up to 8000kbps. If you are signing up to a TPG ADSL2+ or Naked Broadband plan this modem will not reach the theoretical maximum speeds up to 24,000kbps and you will need to purchase a modem that does, to take full advantage of a high-speed broadband service.

If you later find that you want to connect more than one computer tho the internet the Dynalink RTA 1320 can be used in conjunction with a router to allow more computers to connect to the internet.  You can purchase a router from your local electronics store or online.

If you purchase this modem on sign up TPG will configure this modem for you before it is couriered, so all you will need to do is plug it in and you will be ready to go. Once your line has been activated with the TPG broadband service and you have installed a line filter on any other device that runs on your phone line you will need to connect the modem. A modem doesn’t need to have a line filter installed and is plugged directly into the phone line.

The modem comes with a user manual that will specify where to plug in the phone line and where to connect the Ethernet cable to your computer. These ports are also clearly marked on the Dynalink RTA 1320, plug your phone line into the DSL slot and an Ethernet cable into the LAN slot. You can also use the clearly marked USB slot if you want to connect your computer via USB.

 If you need to change your username or password at any stage you will need re-run the installation CD that arrived with your modem. The installation CD will guide you through the set up process for your new modem and you will be required to enter the username and password provided by TPG.

Once you have correctly connected the Dynalink RTA 1320 to the phone line and the correct username and password is entered the DSL light on the front of the modem will turn solid green. This means your ADSL connection is working and ready to be used.