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Dynalink RTA 1025W

The Dynalink RTA1025W is a 4-port modem with wireless capability available when you sing up to a  TPG ADSL, ADSL2+ or Naked DSL broadband plan. This means you can connect up to four computers using Ethernet cables and up to four computers using wireless as well. The Dynalink RTA1025W is ADSL2+ compatible meaning it can take advantage of download speeds up to 24,000kbps. To take advantage of the wireless function of the Dynalink RTA 1025W you will need to have a wireless receiver in your computer. Most new laptops will come with wireless network cards already built in but you can also purchase one from TPG for $49.

TPG offers full technical support from modem they have sold and once you sign up the modem will be set up with your username and password and sent by courier to your door. This means that once the ADSL service is successfully installed on your phone line, all you will need to do is plug the modem in and you are ready to surf the internet. You will need to make sure you have installed a line filter on every device in your home that runs along the phone line. Other devices like telephones can interfere with the ADSL signal if a line filter is not installed.

Although the Dynalink RTA1025W comes already set up with the correct username and password when purchased from TPG if you need to re-enter your username and password you will need access to the modem interface page. Once you have connected the modem to your computer via an Ethernet cable and switched the modem on you will be able to access the modem interface by opening a web browser and typing in the address bar. This will access the modem interface and if prompted for a username and password, type ‘admin’ for both.

The interface will then prompt you to enter the username and password provided by TPG when you signed up for your ADSL, ADSL2+ or Naked DSL account. You will need to enter the username and password exactly as advised by TPG to and then press the ‘connect’ button. If the ‘PPP’ light on the front of your modem changes to a solid green light, this means you modem is connected to your TPG broadband internet connection is online ready to use.

The Dynalink RTA1025W comes with built in wireless security setting and allows you to easily set up a wireless password to prevent unauthorised users accessing your wireless network. Wireless internet connections can have a range up to 100 metres and you will need to make sure your connection is secure to avoid unauthorised access that could use up you monthly download limit. To set up wireless security a step-by-step guide is available in the modem user manual or from TPG technical support. The Dynalink RTA1025W also comes with a quick setup guide that can troubleshoot any basic connection problems.