• Optus uses different infrastructure
  • Most ISPs use Telstra
  • iPrimus and Internode can use Optus connections

We receive numerous phone and email enquiries from Optus customers asking if they can change over from Optus ADSL broadband to a TPG ADSL2+ connection. As Optus often uses a separate telephone and broadband network to the majority of Australia’s Internet Service Providers (ISPs), this is not an easily answered query. TPG, like most ISPs, uses the Telstra network to deliver its ADSL, ADSL2+, Naked DSL and home phone bundle connections.

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TPG Home Phone Bundles:

If available in your area, the TPG ADSL2+ home phone bundles are available to most Optus customers, as long as there are Telstra copper phone lines entering your property. Sometimes Optus rents Telstra lines and in this instance there won’t be any issue with making the transfer. You can keep your current landline phone number, and both your phone rental and ADSL2+ broadband will be supplied by TPG.

On the other side of the equation, Optus often uses its own infrastructure, which is separate to the main Telstra network. In most cases you will still be able to get a home phone bundle with TPG and not lose your current telephone number, but on the rare occasion you may not.

If you are one of the rare few unable to port their phone number over to TPG, you’ll have a couple options. One, you lose your old phone number and get a new one from TPG. Two, you can port your number over to Telstra, and then once it’s on a Telstra line you can port it over to TPG. However, this option involves Telstra activation and cancellation charges, which could mean it is financially prohibitive.

Three, you can port your number over to Telstra, then forget the TPG bundle and just get stand-alone ADSL2+ through TPG. It’s not as cheap as the TPG bundle plans, but it could save you time, money and effort.

TPG stand-alone ADSL2+:

When looking to get stand-alone 50GB, 150GB or 500GB ADSL2+ from TPG, but you want to keep your phone line rental with Optus, this can only be done if Optus is renting Telstra infrastructure in your location. If Optus is using Telstra phone lines you can keep your Optus phone and get TPG ADSL2+. However, if your phone is on Optus-owned infrastructure, you will not be able to get stand-alone ADSL2+ through TPG.

As with the last home phone bundle example, you could change your telephone line rental over to Telstra, and then once it’s an active Telstra number you could then get TPG stand-alone ADSL2+.

TPG Naked DSL:

If you are an Optus Naked DSL customer you will not be able to change straight over to a TPG Naked DSL connection. This is because TPG needs you to have an active Telstra phone number before they can provide you with Naked DSL.

You will be able to get a TPG Naked DSL connection if your current Optus phone line is on rented Telstra infrastructure. If your phone runs on an Optus rented line then TPG Naked DSL would cease to be a viable option, as you’d need to get an active Telstra phone line, just to have it immediately cancelled.

Some broadband providers can offer you Naked DSL from an inactive phone line. If your phone is on an Optus phone line, or if you have Optus Naked DSL, in this case your best option would be to disconnect the current service and then start a new connection from scratch. iPrimus (1300 137 794), and Internode can all provide you with a Naked DSL connection from an inactive line.

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