A lot of people calling us here at Compare Broadband to enquire about TPG ask us if they do mobile wireless broadband. The simple and straightforward answer is “No”. TPG is an ADSL, ADSL2+ and Naked DSL broadband provider, all of which use a Telstra infrastructure copper telephone landline to deliver its connections.

TPG does sell mobile phone deals. However, TPG has not partaken in selling mobile wireless broadband connections transmitted via the mobile phone towers. Some people confuse the concepts of mobile wireless broadband and a Wi-Fi connection. TPG can deliver its ADSL connections via a Wi-Fi enabled modem/router, but you need to be aware that unlike mobile wireless you can travel with, Wi-Fi signals are contained within your home or office.

Wi-Fi, if connected to a fast ADSL1 or ADSL2+ connection is the best way to connect your computer wirelessly. The connection is stable, speedy, and a lot of data can be uploaded or downloaded for a relatively cheap price.

Mobile wireless broadband on the other hand can be unstable, slow, data quotas are small, and it may not work in certain “black spot” areas where a mobile phone tower’s reception is impeded by geographical formations. Mobile wireless broadband is good for people who travel, who don’t plan to live in one location very long, or who live in share houses with numerous tenants.

One of the most popular TPG broadband plans you can use with a Wi-Fi enabled modem/router is the TPG ADSL2+ 100GB Home Phone bundle for $49.99 per month, including phone line rental.
If you buy your modem through TPG, the 4-port ADSL2+ modem/router enabled with Wi-Fi costs $140 plus $10 delivery. It comes pre-programmed with your user name and password, and as you are buying it through the provider, TPG will be obligated to provide you with technical support for the device.

If Mobile Wireless broadband is really what you need, one of the most popular plans currently on the market is the Vodafone 4GB month-to-month plan for $29 per month. This is a BYO USB modem plan. If you are interested in discussing TPG or Vodafone plans in more detail feel free to call us on 1300 106 571.

If you have an Apple iPad or iPad2, the Virgin Mobile 4GB 3G iPad Mobile Broadband plan for $29 per month has proven to be very popular. Call Virgin Mobile on 1300 106 571 for more information about this plan.