Get unlimited local and national calls with TPG

  • Unlimited calls to all landlines
  • Great deal for seniors and families
  • TPG offering cheapest Unlimited plans

TPG has a special Super Chat offer which will suit you if you’re a heavy dialler of local and national numbers, and especially if you make the occasional international call. TPG offers some of the cheapest and best-value plans for ADSL2+ broadband in Australia.

The Super Chat offer is available to customers who sign up for a:

•    24-month contract
•    Unlimited broadband plan which is bundled with a home phone.

The offer is available to new customers only.

Choosing the Super Chat option will give you access to:

•    Unlimited local calls, including 13/1300 numbers.
•    Unlimited national (STD) calls to landlines.
•    100 minutes to International landlines per month
•    A free Wi-Fi modem/router

Customers should note that any calls from the home phone to a mobile will be charged at 39c per minute plus a 39c call connection.

Some of TPG’s international call rates are exceptionally cheap.

India: $0.0199 per minute plus 39c call connection
UK: $0.0199 per minute plus 39c call connection
Canada: $0.0260 per minute plus 39c call connection
US: $0.0199 per minute plus 39c call connection
New Zealand: $0.0520 per minute plus 39c call connection
China: $0.0346 per minute plus 39c call connection
Japan: $ 0.0476 per minute plus 39c call connection

TPG’s unlimited plan is $59.99 per month (+$10 for the Super Chat offer), and is only available in limited areas. You can call us on 1300 106 571 to find out if the home phone and unlimited broadband is available to you. The set-up fee on a 24-month contract is $79.95.

If you’re after unlimited local and national calls, but TPG’s plans isn’t available to your address or you’re just after something a bit different, you could also take a look at the Optus ‘yes’ Fusion plans (1300 137 897), as well as Exetel’s (1300 106 571) ADSL2+ home phone and broadband plans.