Many ISPs are now opting for direct debit as the only payment option for customers. It helps to keep their costs down and therefore keep their plans competitive. Because of this, you should pay attention to when and how much your account will be debited each month. If your nominated account rejects a Direct Debit transaction, you may be up for a $10 dishonour fee from TPG.

Your billing cycle will begin from the date your broadband (and TPG home phone if you’re bundling the services together) is activated. If you sign up for a bundle deal, it can take 10-20 working days to get the services activated, however your billing cycle will not begin until your internet and home phone is active, even though your first direct debit will be taken out much sooner than this.

Your nominated account will be debited six days before the end of your monthly billing cycle. So if your billing cycle runs from the 12th till the 11th of each month, the direct debit will usually take place on the 6th.

If you have a home phone bundle deal, the direct debit transactions can look a little more confusing, especially if you have a $10 minimum monthly call spend as part of your broadband plan.

Basically, there are three payments that will be taken out each month. There is the $49.99 payment for the broadband, the $1 monthly phone line rental, as well as the home phone call charges which will also include the $10 minimum monthly call spend.

The $1 phone line rental will usually be debited about six days before the end of your bill cycle. The $49.99 may be debited separately from this, and should be debited 2-4 days after the initial debit of $49.99 has occurred. While the phone line rental and monthly broadband cost is payed in advance, the call charges are paid in arrears.

Each customer who has a phone service with TPG, whether it is a mobile, home phone or VoIP service, will pay a $20 deposit which is used toward any accrued call charges during the life of their contract. When that deposit falls under $5, another $20 deposit will be debited from the nominated account.

So if you have a home phone bundle deal and you do not make any calls, but there is a $10 minimum monthly call spend stipulated in your contract’s terms and conditions, your direct debit transactions may appear similar to below:

Billing cycle: 24th – 23rd of each month
Bundle deal: $49.99 for broadband, $1 phone line rental and $10 minimum monthly call spend.
$1 phone line rental debited around the 17th of each month
$49.99 debited around the 19th of each month
$20 deposit debited every two months (the date may vary when this amount is debited).

Customers can check their account invoices and direct debit history online. You will need your account username and password to log in.