Long distance calls with TPG

  • TPG offers low rates to many countries
  • IDD and STD available
  • No bills; automatic topup and direct debit

People considering changing over to a TPG ADSL2+ broadband and home phone bundle often ask us about long distance call costs. At the beginning of the contract TPG takes a home phone call deposit of $20, which is then used for calls to international, national, mobile phones, and local numbers if you don’t sign up to the “$5 a month unlimited local calls” option.

Calls to national (STD) numbers cost 25 cents per minute, capped at $2.00 up to 20 minutes, with a 39-cent call connection fee. After 20 minutes the call reverts back to the 25-cent per minute rate. Local calls cost 25 cents per call (untimed), but we’ve heard you should be careful and find out what the “local” area encompasses. You may find you are charged STD rates for making a call to another part of your major city, if it’s deemed as not being “local”.

International calls on TPG’s home phone bundle are very cheap. For example, a call to a USA or UK landline only costs 1.99 cents per minute, with a 39-cent call connection fee. Therefore, if you talk to someone in London for an hour it will only cost around $1.58 in total. Calls to New Zealand cost 5.2 cents per minute, which means a half hour call would cost just $1.95.

We get a lot of enquiries about calls to India and China these days. Calls to India are only 1.99 cents per minute (the same as USA and UK), while calls to China are 3.46 cents per minute. If you call a friend in Beijing for half an hour it would cost around $1.43. Calls to Chinese mobile phones in the 130-131, 133, and 135-139 area codes also only cost 3.46 cents per minute.

However, it does cost more to call the majority of overseas mobile phone numbers. A call to a mobile phone in the UK on the Orange network costs 28.63 cents per minute, while a call to the Vodafone network will cost you 35.91 cents per minute. If you talk to a friend for 10 minutes on a Vodafone mobile in Manchester England it will cost you $3.98.

If you are calling mobile phones within Australia it costs 39 cents per minute, capped at $2.48 for 20 minutes, with a 39-cent call connection fee. After the 20-minute mark is reached, the call reverts back to the 39-cent per minute call rate. If you call a family member on their mobile in another state for 20 minutes it will cost you $2.87.

When your $20 TPG home phone call deposit runs out, TPG automatically debits another $20 deposit from your bank account or credit card. Therefore, it’s a good idea to login to your account on the TPG website to check out both your internet and telephone call usage.

Some people compare TPG’s landline call costs with that of a “Skype Out” VoIP program phone call. VoIP is usually not as stable or as clear as a proper copper wire landline phone call, however, here are a few Skype Out call costs for comparison: Calls to the USA, UK, New Zealand and China cost 3 cents per minute, while calls to India cost 11 cents per minute. Calls to UK mobiles cost 33.4 cents per minute.

Generally speaking, TPG long distance call costs are very competitive, and of course their high data limits for such a cheap price make the ADSL2+ bundle truly worthwhile. However, if you are willing to pay a little more for data and want to get an ADSL2+ broadband plan that includes national phone calls, try calling iPrimus (1300 137 794), iiNet (1300 106 571), or Optus (1300 137 897), as these providers offer plans with unlimited STD calls.