• TBG, TGP, or perhaps TPG
  • Commonly confused names for Internet Service Provider TPG
  • Popular TPG plans

When you stick three letters next to each other (like TPG) you are bound to get phonetic errors like TBG. TPG, TBG: The two sound nearly identical; and if you weren’t really listening to your friend, the TV or radio ad, or if your friend talks with an accent, you may have thought he or she said, ‘TBG internet’. In reality, you are looking for TPG internet, and here we’ll tell you a little about a few of TPG’s best broadband plans:

TPG ADSL2+ 20GB $9.99 Home Phone Bundle plus $30 phone line rental 6-month contract:

This plan is one of the cheapest ways to get super-fast ADSL2+ broadband internet at home in Australia. For $39.99 a month you get 10GB of data in peak time, and 10GB in off-peak, and this includes your monthly landline telephone rental. It’s similar to the cost of prehistoric dial-up internet, which runs at 64kbps, but ADSL2+ runs at speeds of up to 24Mbps (24,000kbps)! You can also pay $5 a month and get unlimited local phone calls included.

TPG ADSL2+ 50GB $29.99 standalone broadband 12-month contract:

This plan is perfect for people who would like to keep their current landline telephone rental with Telstra, or a different company using the Telstra network, but want to get very cheap, fast broadband internet. You get 25GB of data in peak time, and 25GB in off-peak. This means you can download TV shows, movies and music overnight, as well as using the internet throughout the day.

TPG ADSL2+ Unlimited 24x7 $29.99 Home Phone Bundle plus $30 phone line rental 6-month contract:

When you want to get unlimited ADSL2+ broadband internet, this is one of the best options around. For a total of $59.99 a month you’ll get unlimited internet and your landline telephone rental. Never worry about on or off-peak times, shaping speeds, excess charges, uploads, or downloads. This is truly unlimited broadband internet.

TPG, TGP, TBG … No matter how you spell it or say it, this Australian broadband provider has some of the best ADSL2+ internet plans on the market. Call us at Compare Broadband on 1300 106 571 to find out more about these and other TPG broadband plans.