TPG ADSL2+ 10GB $9.99 broadband plan without landline rental…Can it be done?

  • Line rental will be a necessity for some time to come
  • $40 still the floor for decent plans
  • TPG, SpinTel and Dodo competing for lowest price

ADSL2+ broadband internet with 10GB of data for only $9.99 a month – It sounds like a dream come true, but can you get something this unfathomably cheap in Australia and not pay $30 for landline rental? You wouldn’t believe how many times we at Compare Broadband hear this question.

ADSL2+ broadband is superfast, 10GB (split 5GB peak and 5GB off-peak) is a suitable amount of data for a light internet user, and ADSL2+ runs on a copper phone line, so it is much more stable than a mobile wireless broadband connection running off of the mobile phone towers.

However, the sad truth is you cannot get such a great deal unless you bundle your ADSL2+ with a $30 landline rental. Therefore, the minimum it will currently cost you to get ADSL2+ broadband into your home is $39.99. There are two main companies that can provide an ADSL2+ service for this price:

The TPG ADSL2+ $9.99 10GB plus $30 home phone bundle is an excellent option if available in your location. It can be purchased on a 6-month contract for $129.99 set-up fee, or 18-month contract for $79.99 set-up. You can also pay $5 a month for unlimited local phone calls. Call us on 1300 106 571 for more details about this TPG plan.

The SpinTel ADSL2+ 10GB broadband plan including line rental offers 10GB you can use anytime you like for only $39.95 a month. Local calls are also included in this cheap price. Plans are for 12-months or 24-months, and if you go for the 24-month option a standard 1-port ADSL2+ modem is thrown in for free. This is a special deal, so call SpinTel on 1300 381 277 before it’s too late.

We are sorry to say you cannot get ADSL2+ broadband for any less than $39.95 a month, but in truth it’s not a lot to spend for what you receive. Mobile wireless broadband is often fickle and slow, while ADSL1 often costs more, and is also much slower than ADSL2+. You still have a phone line if you need it, and local calls are either free or $5 for as many calls as you like. Both TPG and SpinTel also offer very competitive national, mobile and international call rates.

If you cannot afford $39.95 a month for your broadband and phone line, your only real option will be to go for mobile wireless broadband. However, your data limit will be much lower than even these “light user” plans, with similar data quotas costing around the same price for a much lower quality service.

If you can only afford $10 a month for broadband, try the Dodo mobile wireless 250MB plan including USB modem and Pendo Pad tablet computer on a 24-month contract. Call Dodo on 1300 136 793 for more information.

You cannot get ADSL2+ on its own for $10 a month, but the good things in life are worth investing at least a small amount of your hard earned cash into. Just as you don’t expect to buy a BMW for the same price as a Toyota, you shouldn’t think you could get stable, fast broadband for the price of a sandwich.