TPG ADSL2+ Home Phone Bundles: Paying for a plan

TPG has some of the cheapest broadband bundles on the market and new customers are flocking to the Internet Service Provider (ISP). Before signing up to any plan, it's important to understand how you will be expected to pay for it and whether there are any fees or extra charges that may apply.

You have to pay via direct debit from a credit card or bank account: There are no paper bills or BPay with TPG. When registering you will need a credit card, debit card, or bank account details – BSB, account number and driver’s license/passport number for identification.

Your account/card will be debited as soon as the line test is done. Line tests occur in the first 24 - 48 hours after registering, and often happen instantly. You need to ensure there are adequate funds in your bank account or credit card before signing up. Broadband and landline payments are made a month in advance.

You have the option to pay $5 per month for unlimited local phone calls to landlines.

A $20 telephone call deposit will be taken at the beginning of the contract. This is a deposit for phone calls from your landline. If you get the unlimited local call option it will be for national, international and calls to mobiles.

Otherwise, it is for all calls. If you don’t use the phone the deposit will just sit there and you’ll get it back at the end of the contract. If you run out of your deposit at any point in time, TPG will debit another $20 phone deposit from your credit card or bank account.

Contract lengths are 18 months for $79.95, or 6 months for $129.95.

There are fees if you move or cancel the service. It costs $79 to move your service to another address whilst under contract, or $59 if you are out of contract. When moving to an area where the service is unavailable you will be offered an alternative TPG connection. If you cancel your service altogether you will need to pay out the remaining owed on the plan up to $350.