TPG broadband and mobile bundles

Customers who have a TPG broadband service can add a mobile phone plan to their account. The mobile plans are on a no fixed-term contract, so even if your broadband service is on an 18-month contract, you can change your mobile plan at any time. 

TPG’s mobile plans have recently been updated, and their light, medium and heavy plans all include healthy amounts of data.

There are a number of different mobile plans which TPG offers, and they carry a price tag which is hard to beat by most other phone plan providers. However, there are three TPG mobile plans which are exclusive offers to TPG broadband customers only, and we will outline them for you below.

TPG offers regular SIM cards when you purchase one of their plans, and they now also offer Micro SIM cards which are used in the iPad and the iPhone 4.

Talk & Text Cap Plans – there are calls, text and data included in the Talk & Text Cap Plans. The call rates are pretty standard: it’s 40 cents per 30 seconds for national calls and a 35 cent flagfall. An SMS will cost you 25.3 cents. Voicemail deposits and retrievals are free.

Medium -the Medium plan is $14.99 per month ($18.99 for non TPG broadband customers), and offers $330 of calls to any network, plus a bonus of $370 for TPG-to-TPG calls (within Australia). There is also 500MB of data for those who want to use the internet on their mobile phone.

Heavy – the heavy Talk and Text Plan is only $29.99 per month ($35.99 for non TPG broadband customers) and includes $600 to spend on calls to any network in Australia. There is a bonus $400 for TPG-to-TPG calls within Australia. The plan includes a heavy 1.5GB to download from your mobile phone each month.

Pay as You Go Plan

Whilst the Pay as You Go Plan is eligible to existing TPG customers and those new to TPG, those who already have a TPG broadband service will receive 150MB of data to use. Non-TPG customers will still be eligible for 50MB of data.

The monthly charge for the Budget plan is $1. The call rate is 9.9 cents per minute, plus a 10 cent flagfall. The plan is suitable for people who would use the service for emergencies as the plan does not have any calls included each month.