• TPG has updated its $1 a month line rental offer
  • New deal works out cheaper as a home phone and broadband bundle
  • Compare TPG bundles with other Australian ISPs

Back in 2010, TPG shook up the market with a $1 a month line rental offer. While TPG no longer offers line rental at $1 a month, the ISP now has even cheaper deals available to new customers.

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The old deal included home phone line rental for $1 a month when bundled with TPG's ADSL2+ $49.99 plan, or greater. In total, the bundle cost $50.99 a month and included 180GB.

There was lso $10 monthly minimum call spend, so the cheapest plan cost at least $60.99 a month.

TPG has since updated all its home phone and broadband bundles, which continue to be very popular with customers.

The cheapest plan from TPG now costs just $39.99 a month and includes 20GB (10GB on peak, 10GB off peak).

There is no minimum call spend on this plan, so you need never pick up the phone to make a call.

For customers who need more data, TPG has a great plan for medium users, offering 100GB for $49.99 a month.

Heavy data users, such as anyone who downloads a lot of movies, plays plenty of online games, or watches an on-demand TV service over their internet connection, should opt for an unlimited broadband plan from TPG. The bundle price for this plan is $59.99 a month.

Calls made on the home phone are slightly cheaper than Telstra's basic offering. Local calls are 25c per call, while mobile calls are 39c per minute, compared to Telstra's 30c per minute for a local call and 42c per minute for calls to non-Telstra mobiles.

International calls are significantly cheaper, costing just 1.99c per minute to call the UK with a 39c call connection, compared to Telstra's 47c a minute.

If you want to compare these plans with another provider, Club Telco offers the cheapest unlimited broadband plans around at the moment. For just $25, Club Telco offers a standalone unlimited broadband plan, with no contract or set-up fee.

Call Club Telco on 1300 138 155 for more details on this plan.

Both of these unlimited plans offer great value and are ideal for heavy users. It's a great alternative to Naked broadband, as you can hang onto your phone number without having to pay a huge amount for line rental, and is ideal if you don't plan to make too many phone calls.