• Cheap international calls
  • Simple, cheap broadband plan
  • One convenient bill

At Compare Broadband we have been overwhelmed with the amount of customers who are calling to find out more about TPG broadband home phone and broadband plans. The packages are catching the eyes of customers who are eager to sign up to cheap plans with large amounts of data.

See all TPG home phone and broadband bundles here.

The extraordinarily low prices of TPG’s home phone and broadband deals are even cheaper than some of the Naked DSL plans out there, which means there is a large amount of people who sign up to TPG’s bundles who don’t even intend to use the home phone – they just want a cheap broadband plan with a large amount of download quota.

For customers who do want to take advantage of having an active home phone line with TPG, below we have provided details of the call rates. While there are no calls included for the month, the call rates are decent, and some of the international call rates are extremely cheap, eliminating the need to purchase international calling cards.

TPG Home phone call rates:

Standard calls:
Local calls: 25 cents (untimed)
National calls: 25 cents/min + 39 cent call connection (however calls are capped at $2 for the first 20 minutes!)
Mobile calls: 39 cents/min + 39 cent call connection (however calls are capped at $2.48 for the first 20 minutes!)

(Timed calls are charged in 30 second increments)

Other services:
13/1300 calls: 30 cents (untimed
18/1800 calls: free
Directory assistance 1223: $1.10 (untimed)
TPG: free
(19/1900 calls are not supported)

International call rates:
Call rates will depend on which country you are calling to. Calls are charged per minute, and incur a 39 cent call connection. We have included some of the most popular destinations below. If you’d like to find out the call rates for other countries, please contact us on 1300 106 571.

China: $0.0346/min (so that’s about 3.5 cents per minute!) - mobiles
Germany: $0.0260/min – landlines (mobile call rates vary)
India: $0.0199/min – landlines (mobile call rates vary)
UK: $0.0199/min – landlines (mobile call rates vary)
USA: $0.0199/min – landlines (mobile call rates vary)

While TPG’s home phone lines don’t support additional services such as fax, EFTPOS or back to base alarm systems, they do offer extra features on your home phone line at no extra charge, including:

•    Call barring
•    Number display/block
•    Call waiting
•    Caller ID

Call forwarding is available at standard call rates.

If you’d like to find out more about TPG’s home phone and broadband bundle plans, or if you wish to sign up and take advantage of their cheap call rates, call us on 1300 106 571.