TPG improves its already award-winning ADSL2+ plans even further

TPG is attempting to deflect an onslaught of rapidly improving ADSL plans being released recently by its competitors in the Australian broadband market by improving its own ADSL2+ plans.

Having won awards over the last few years from Money Magazine, PC User, APC Magazine and at the PC and Tech Awards in 2010, TPG still feels the need to add more peak time data and lower set-up and modem costs to its plans. The result is some of the best ADSL2+ broadband plans ever seen in Australia.

TPG ADSL2+ Home Phone Bundle plans:

Now, $9.99 plus $30 for home phone line rental will get you 20GB of data, split 10GB in peak time and 10GB in off-peak, double this plan’s previous data limit. This is an incredible ADSL2+ light user bundle for only $39.99 a month.

Pay an extra $5 a month and get unlimited local phone calls. Contract set-up fees for the 6-month plan have decreased from $129.95 to only $99.95, while 18-month contracts cost $79.95.

A 1-port modem now only costs $49.95 (previously $59.95) plus $10 delivery, while a 4-port modem router with Wi-Fi is $99.95 (previously $139.95).

The TPG $19.99 ADSL2+ 100GB plan now offers 50GB in peak time and 50GB in off-peak, which means customers will have 20 more GB in the peak period. Together with the $30 landline rental, you’ll be paying a measly $49.99 a month for a large amount of data and phone line rental.

The TPG $29.95 500GB ADSL2+ home phone bundle plus $30 landline rental now offers 250GB in peak time, 100GB more than the older plan. However, the shaping speed for this plan has decreased from 4Mbps to 1Mbps when you reach your quota in either period (if you ever do). Of course in some areas $29.99 will get you unlimited data anyway! $59.99 a month for 500GB or unlimited data is amazing!

TPG ADSL2+ standalone broadband plans:

These plans are for when you want to keep your telephone line rental with your current provider, as long as that provider uses the Telstra infrastructure. You’ll just get your ADSL2+ broadband from TPG.

The TPG ADSL2+ 50GB plan for $29.99 a month is a great improvement on its predecessor. You now get 25GB in peak and 25GB in off-peak, whereas the previous plan only offered 15GB, split 5GB in peak and 10GB in off-peak. These plans can be purchased on 18-month contracts for free set-up, or 12-month plans for $59.95 set-up.

Note: A standalone broadband plan takes around 1 week to set-up after registration, while a home phone bundle takes around 2 weeks.

The TPG ADSL2+ 150GB plan for $39.99 per month is a great deal. You used to get 30GB in peak and 30GB in off-peak, but now you get 75GB in both time periods. The TPG ADSL2+ 500GB plan for $49.99 per month offers 250GB in peak and 250GB in off-peak. This plan used to be 200GB total, so it’s a massive improvement on an already impressive plan. The ADSL2+ Unlimited standalone plan still costs $59.99 a month.

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