TPG releases cheapest broadband bundle

Want to get a broadband service but don’t have a home phone? TPG has solved your broadband woes with what may be the first broadband and home phone bundle deal on the Australian market for under $50.

TPG’s $39.99 home phone and broadband plan is aimed at light internet users who can still enjoy a speedy ADSL2+ internet speed. 

The $39.99 ADSL2+ plan offers 3GB of data during peak hours (8am-2am), and 7GB during off peak hours (2am-8am). The $39.99 plan also includes your phone line rental, so you won’t be paying any extra cash to other phone companies.

The plan differs from some of TPG’s other bundle deals: it does not require you to pay a minimum monthly call spend. So if you’re really just after broadband and don’t use the home phone, all you’ll be paying is $39.99 each month.

If you exceed your download limit, speeds are shaped to dialup speed – 64kbps. Like TPG’s other bundle plans you have a choice between a 6-month or 18-month contract, which incurs a $59.95 and $99.95 setup fee respectively. Local calls are an additional 25 cents each untimed if you choose to use the active phone line. Some of the international call rates (including calls to the UK) are exceptionally cheap.

TPG’s bundle deals are a great alternative to NakedDSL, and do not require you to have an active phone line before you connect. All you’ll need is Telstra’s infrastructure into your home – just look for any telephone wall sockets in your home, which indicate you may have the infrastructure to sign up to one TPG’s bundle deals. Note that while TPG will provide you with a regular active phone line (it is not a VoIP line), it does not support faxes or back to base alarm systems.

Additionally, TPG’s bundle deals are primarily available in metro areas, but you can give us a call on 1300 106 571 to find out if TPG services your area. TPG also has a range of other bundle deals with loads more data, so if 10GB isn’t nearly enough to suit your usage, you can select from one of the other plans.