TPG releases new cheap broadband bundle deals

TPG has slashed the price of its unlimited broadband bundle and added more data to its other home phone and internet deals.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have engaged in a price and data war recently, with many providers offering Terabyte plans of 1,000GB or more.

But TPG has so far steered clear of the Terabyte, instead offering an attractively priced unlimited plan and focusing on cheap bundled plans.

TPG recently said much of its success in signing up new customers this year has been down to its popular bundle deals and the ISP hopes to have 500,000 customers by the end of September.

The new plans include a home phone service for $30, which can be bundled with four broadband plans, including an unlimited plan for $29.99. Uploads and downloads are included on all TPG plans.

Plan                                                           Cost               Shaping speed

ADSL2+ Unlimited                                   $29.99           N/A
ADSL2+ 500GB (150GB+350GB)         $29.99           4Mbps/1Mbps
ADSL2+ 100GB (30GB+70GB)             $19.99            256K/256K
ADSL2+ 10GB (5GB+5GB)                    $9.99               64K/64K

All the deals must be bundled with TPG's home phone service at $30 a month. Even with this extra cost added, this still means you can sign up for an unlimited plan for just $59.99, a 500GB plan for $59.99, a 100GB plan for $49.99 or a 10GB plan for $39.99.

The set-up fee for TPG bundles is $129.95 for six months, or $79.95 for 18 months. The home phone service also requires a $20 deposit. Peak times are 9am to 1am. Only new customers can order the bundles, TPG said.

Find out whether you are eligible for a TPG plan by calling Compare Broadband on 1300 106 571 or by visiting our site.