TPG’s new ADSL2+ plans: cheap broadband with lots of data

TPG is at it again. Yesterday they packed in more data in their ADSL2+ standalone plans; however, they still remain at the same price levels.

The plan lengths and setup fees remain the same as they were previously: on a 12-month contract you will pay a $59.95 setup fee, whereas on an 18-month contract there is no setup fee. TPG has a range of plans with different data allowances, all the way up to unlimited internet, so there should be a plan for everyone.

To connect to one of these plans, you will need to have an active Telstra landline. If you don’t have an active home phone, you can browse through TPG’s bundle deals which include cheap phone line rental.

ADSL2+ speeds generally provide a super fast internet connection, however the speed will depend on a number of factors, including how far away you are from the telephone exchange.

TPG’s ADSL2+ Plans (Downloads only counted, unlimited uploading)
$39.99 – 30GB+30GB – 256kbps download shaping speed
$49.99 – 90GB+90GB – 256kbps download shaping speed
$59.99 – 100GB+100GB – 1mbps download shaping speed
$69.99 – 200GB – 4mbps download shaping speed

TPG’s ADSL2+ Plans (Downloads and uploads counted)
$59.99 – 150GB+350GB – 1mbps download shaping speed
(Peak hours are from 8:30am-3:30am)

TPG’s ADSL2+ Unlimited Plan
$75.00 – Unlimited uploads and downloads and no shaping speed.
(This plan is available in limited areas)

The plans are ADSL2+, which means they will primarily be available in metropolitan areas. However, TPG has been expanding their ADSL2+ coverage, so call us on 1300 106 571 to find out if the plans are available in your area.