TPG offers six month and 18-month contracts to standalone ADSL2+ and Off-Net customers. At the end of the contract, the plan continues but customers can cancel with 30 days notice without incurring a cancellation fee.

Change of plan

TPG occasionally changes its plans, usually for the better. New plans are available to current as well as new customers, so broadband Off-Net customers can request a plan upgrade for free, if they see a better offer from TPG. Free upgrades apply to plans on the same speed. If a customer wants a faster speed, there is a $25 charge when still in contract. However, there is no charge if you have finished your contract and there is no need to restart the contract.

If you are on an Off-Net plan and ADSL2+ comes to your exchange, you might want to upgrade to ADSL2+. The charge for this is $115 inside your contract and you will need to restart a contract. If you are outside your contract, you will also need to restart a contract. For 18-month contracts, there is no fee but for six-month contracts there is a fee of $59.95.

An ADSL2+ to ADSL2+ upgrade is free while a downgrade is $59 inside the contract and free outside. However, TPG limits you to one downgrade every six months. Any more and a $90 fee applies.


TPG will charge you for each month you have left on your contract, up to $350. For example, if you are on an 18 month contract paying $59.99 a month and you leave after 12 months, you will be leaving with $359.94 left on your contract but you will only pay $350.


If you are moving house and still within contract, TPG will charge a relocation fee instead of charging disconnection and reconnection fees. The relocation fee is $79 inside your contract and $59 outside your contract. If you have less than six months contract remaining or are outside of your current contract, you are required to restart your contract for six months. If you have more than six months remaining, your current contract term will continue.

However, TPG can only offer a relocation if you are moving to an area serviced by TPG. Bear in mind that even if TPG is available at your new property, TPG may not offer your particular plan.

In the scenario where you want to move your ADSL2+ plan to a location where TPG only offers ADSL services, TPG will allow you to downgrade (with the downgrade fee) to an ADSL plan, with a contract restart.

Unless you switch to a bundle plan when you move, TPG will not be responsible for activating your phone line. This means you will have to contact Telstra to get a new phone service set up.

Withdrawing an application or missing a home phone installation appointment

If TPG arranges a time for a Telstra technician to visit your home during the installation process, you must be at the property. If you miss the appointment, you will be charged $109. This fee also applies if you withdraw your application.


If you disconnect your phone for any reason, for example if you switch phone providers, there is a reconnection fee of $99.

Incorrect call out fee

If you call out a TPG technician and there is no fault, or the problem is with anything you are responsible for such as the modem, there is an $89 incorrect call out fee.

All fees and charges correct as of December 9, 2010.