TPG winning battle for new customers

TPG is beating rival iiNet in the battle for new customers, according to the internet and phone service provider.

Broadband provider TPG claims to have signed up 100,000 new subscribers over the last 12 months, compared to iiNet's 48,000 and Optus' 12,000. In contrast, Telstra lost 19,000 customers, according to TPG.

The influx of new subscribers was largely down to the popularity of the bundle deals, TPG said, with 19,000 customers signing up for both home phone and internet services since their launch in April 2010.

TPG expects to reach the 500,000 customer mark by the end of September.

In a statement accompanying the broadband provider's annual results, TPG said: "TPG has continued to lead the broadband consumer marketplace in providing high speed services of excellent value with the result today that Australian internet users are increasingly expecting unlimited broadband access."

Group profit is up 216% for the year, TPG told investors.

TPG also announced that as a result of taking over PIPE Network, business customers in the CBDs of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane can access 100Mbps fibre optic services.

Commercial fibre optic services will cost $599 a month for unlimited data, TPG said.

TPG's bundle deals include 10GB and line rental for $39.99, and 30GB plus line rental for $49.99.

TPG is also one of the few internet service providers (ISPs) offering unlimited broadband, which is not slowed down when you reach a certain limit, for $75 standalone, or $79.99 as part of a bundle.

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