• To know the cause of your Telstra Internet issues, make a close inspection of the Telstra Smart Modem lights.
  • To check if you've succeeded in troubleshooting, better check Telstra's Outages page for the latest updates.
  • Broadband that unexpectedly stops working may be caused by disruption due to maintenance work.

Some people say that with NBN, you’d surely encounter a hundred problems but troubleshooting Wifi modems should not be a part of it. Nevertheless, there will be occasions when you may need to do the troubleshooting yourself although you can easily contact Telstra live chat or if not, the technical support for Internet issues that emerge out of the blue. So, here are the steps in troubleshooting and while these are specific to Telstra NBN connections, these are also relevant to other forms of Telstra broadband plans.     

Different people have more or less the same questions regarding their modem particularly the Telstra Smart Modem. “What if my broadband connection suddenly stops working?” “How do I troubleshoot my Telstra modem? In order to get the best out of your NBN connection, here are guides that should shed light on those questions.

In case of Telstra network outage in your neighbourhood:

  1. Restart modem.
  2. Unplug the power modem for around ten seconds and plug it back in.
  3. Allow your modem to go green after one to two minutes of plugging back. The green colour indicates normal network activity.
  4. Check your devices if the connection is back. The process you just did is known as reboot. Oftentimes, rebooting is an effective way of solving connection problems.

The broadband that unexpectedly stops working may be caused by disruption due to maintenance work. To ensure that you succeed in troubleshooting, better check Telstra's Outages page for the latest updates particularly the NBN’s Network Outages page. If there is no outage in your area, you can fix the problem using the Smart Troubleshooting Tool.

  1. Open My Telstra app and click ‘Get help’.
  2. From among the services click the one that you’re working on.
  3. Choose ‘Get help with an issue’. Follow the prompts from there.

Check again your modem connection if the power light is on, if the switch that the modem is plugged into is on and if the modem’s power cables are inserted properly.

How to Troubleshoot Telstra Smart Modem

This guide talks about the Telstra Smart Modem (Gen 2) which is bundled with all of the popular NBN broadband plans with at least 50GB of data. This second-generation modem doesn’t differ much from the first generation. But then, experts say it doesn’t always follow that the fixing for the second-generation device will also work on the first-generation device. According to Telstra, it’s good to leave the Smart Modem on at all times, partially since there’s an automatic installation of firmware updates.

To know the cause of your Telstra Internet issues, experts advise users to do the best way which is to make a close inspection of the Telstra Smart Modem lights. If you know what the colour means then you’d probably have an idea of what’s wrong with your connection. These lights will help fix the problem. There are at least two colours to watch out for – red and blue.


If the LED light turns solid red on the front of the modem, it’s time to contact Telstra technical support if turning the modem off for five minutes and on again won’t work. This means the Telstra 4G backup and main NBN connection as well are not functioning. Even though there’s still an Internet connection, there must be a fault that makes the light turn red.


It indicates mobile network activity (4G backup). Blue light on the front of Smart modem could mean your service may have been disconnected if plugging a phone cord with no filter into the DSL port on the modem and the phone socket on the wall will not work. If this technique had worked before with your old modem, it’s likely that your new one is faulty. Telstra Support says monitor your modem for 48 hours as this means your modem is experiencing difficulty with getting connected to the NBN.