• Vodafone’s 3G Broadband HSDPA Network
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  • Vodafone Offers Free Modems

Vodafone Australia delivers 3G coverage to 94% of the Australian population, as at 31 August 2009. Constantly updating its network to deliver data broadband services in more areas, Vodafone’s 3G broadband HSDPA network covers most major metropolitan areas, as well as all international airports across Australia.

See all Vodafone Australia plans or call Compare Broadband for more information and to find out if coverage is available in your area on 1300 128 015.

Vodafone offers free modems on 12 or 24-month plans, with the choice between a standard USB or Pocket Wi-Fi modem. There are no set-up costs on Vodafone wireless broadband plans, but there is an excess usage charge for exceeding the monthly download limit. Mobile wireless broadband plans are easy to set up and the software is automatically checked and updated when required.

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Time to activate:
2-5 days for normal delivery

Peak times:
No peak or off-peak times

Cost of Initial Setup:
$0 on contract, from $49 on prepaid

Contract Lengths:
0 (prepaid or contract), 12 or 24 months on contract

Hardware Requirements: 
USB stick: $49 prepaid or 0-month plan, free on a 12 or 24-month contract. $4 repayment option on the $15 12-month contract.