Vodafone improves customer service

Vodafone has announced a string of new initiatives which seek to “improve the ease, quality and courtesy” of its customer service.

The new initiatives include a customer service call back option, Vodafone and 3 handset repair centres in major cities, mobile and online self-service and keypad control when completing over the phone transactions (as an alternative to the voice automate system).

Customer service call back option

This service will be available to Vodafone customers from mid November. The service will first provide an estimated wait time for customers who phone in, and then give them the option of a call back if they don’t want to wait on hold. The new service will also advice customers when they can expect to receive a call back.

“We appreciate that our customers’ time is precious,” said Cormac Hodgkinson, Director of Customer Service at Vodafone Hutchison Australia. “We’re doing a lot of things to improve the speed of our customer service and we’re also introducing the call back option because it saves our customers from waiting on hold during busy service periods.”

Mobile handset service centres

Following the announcement earlier this year that Vodafone would be providing 24-month repair warranties on all new handsets (apart from iPhones), they will also be launching multi-branded Vodafone and 3 handset repair and service centres in major cities around Australia.

“There is perhaps no greater customer service irritant than a phone that’s not working,” said Hodgkinson. “So we’re now offering authorized repairs on most popular handset models. Most customers who visit our service centres will walk away with either a repaired or refurbished handset of the same model within an hour.”

3 customers who already have access to the repair centres found that 90 percent of handset repairs could be completed in under an hour.

Mobile and online self-service

Due to the success of the “My 3” online portal where customers can go to use online services such as check their usage, make payments and view bills, Vodafone will be introducing the “My Vodafone” portal. This online service will give customers access to “their account balance, details of recent data usage, over-the-air recharge facilities and other useful account information.”

“My Vodafone is the ultimate weapon against bill shock,” explains Cormac Hodgkinson. “We’re providing a really simple tool that helps customers to better manage their mobile account. At a glance they can see how much credit they have remaining for calls, texts and mobile internet usage.”

Keypad control for transaction processing

Vodafone customers who cannot bear phoning in and speaking to Lara (Vodafone’s voice automate system), will have an option to complete over the phone transactions either with the keypad or with a customer service representative.

If you’d like to take advantage of Vodafone’s new customer service initiatives, you can view their mobile plans here, and their mobile broadband plans here.