Vodafone Mobile Broadband Offers Free Facebook

Vodafone Australia has announced it will now offer free access to the social networking website Facebook to its mobile broadband customers.

Coinciding with an upgrade in Mobile Broadband coverage to hundreds of regional areas across Australia, Vodafone is offering unmetered access to Facebook. This means Vodafone customers can access Facebook with their Mobile Broadband internet connection without using any of their monthly download quota. The free Facebook offer will continue until October 31 2009.

Vodafone Hutchinson Australia CEO, Nigel Dews said regional customers can now take advantage of Vodafone’s competitive mobile broadband plans. Following recent upgrades to their 3G network, Vodafone’s Mobile broadband coverage now covers 94% of the Australian population in both regional and metropolitan areas.

Mobile Broadband allows Australian consumers to connect to a high speed broadband plan without the need for a fixed home phone line. Mobile broadband uses existing mobile phone infrastructure to deliver a broadband service.

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